5 Things To Never Do On Facebook


Ever wonder if you’re doing something wrong on social media? Then again, with the constant changes to the platforms, we all do at some point. You may recall our previous post regarding “10 things you shouldn’t do on Twitter”. Today, we wanted to go over a few things you should never do on Facebook. Are you ready to rock your social media?

  1. Never ignore your fans/followers: This is a customer service no-no on any platform. Never … ever … ignore your fans. Sure, it may be overwhelming to respond to every single comment if you receive thousands. However, make sure you are dedicating time (or have a person or team to do so) to answering the most important customer service comments, questions, rants and raves. Let your fans (and unhappy customers as well) know that you are listening!

  2. Don’t over-post / don’t under-post: Was that confusing? It can be. Every platform has its own definition of what posting too much really means. The point is to not annoy followers with tons of posts, but to also not allow them to forget about you by not posting enough. Our suggestion- post a minimum of 1 post a day on Facebook (always try to include a photo or video – you need a visual to capture attention).   Never post more than 3 times  a day – this will become annoying to followers. If you are sharing photos from an event, create a new album to reduce the number of posts. You don’t want to bombard a follower’s feed daily, or they will unfollow. Don’t forget to try and add a Facebook live every now and then!
  3. Don’t be vain: If possible, make sure to add in an additional post share per day (or a few times a week) that is not about your business but still related. For example – share a great article in your niche that offers information your followers would be interested in reading. Share a fun event in your area or a charity event you would love to support. You can even share a funny meme or video that you know your followers would love or relate to. Adding other people’s content at times, makes it sound like it’s not just  all about you (no one really likes the people who are super vain, right?)
  4. Don’t spam: Another great tip for any social media platform, really. NO ONE likes spam… no one! While it is okay to offer your products and services in comments or groups here and there – do not overwhelm people with it! If you are in groups and ONLY marketing yourself, and never providing any other useful help or comments unrelated to your business, people will  start to ignore you and NOT want to use your product/service. Instead focus on becoming people’s friend and a great person to reach out to and gain their trust. Sprinkle a bit of your business sparingly and that will work BETTER for you.
  5. Don’t post without thinking: Before you repost other content or post something of your own, think about what you are posting. Is it  useful? Is it kind? Is it controversial? Is it taboo? Accidentally posting a sensitive issue can cause a lot of backlash. Put yourself in the shoes of your followers and other outsiders and think before you post. Staying away from controversial topics, especially when they are in no way affecting your business, is a great start!

Following these 5 tips can help lead you in the right direction and steer you away from what you may be doing wrong.

Is there another tip not listed that you found to be a definite  “no-no” on Facebook or any other platform? Let us know!

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