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We are not perfect - but we ALWAYS do our best to make it right.
And most of the time, our clients are happy.
Majority of our clients return to us for future projects,
and also recommend others.

  • Roger
    Caspian Services

    There timely and friendly service made working with Caspian a breeze. A knowledgeable staff member is always there to answer questions and guide you through your web site creation. We will continue to call on Caspian for future projects.

  • Mark Handian, Handian Construction
    Caspian Services

    I enjoyed the comfort of using Caspian Services for my website. I had to explain what I was thinking once, they exceeded my expectations. I love how my website turned out. I am very happy with their work, I will use them again for my future websites. Thanks Leo.

    Caspian Services

    I joined Caspian Services after I saw some advertising for it on a multiple hosting related sites. Taking the safe side, I emailed them before signing up to see how quickly they respond back, and I was impressed with the immediate reply. As soon as I joined, I knew I had made the right choice. Setting up was a breeze and they even have video tutorials for nearly everything you can do. The basic packaged plan offered was perfect for us and gives us the room to really expand our potential. Would definitely recommend!

  • Joe Krikorian, Code 3 University
    Caspian Services

    All I have to say is the Caspian crew is on top of the game, I love working with them. My company has been with Caspian Services since 2005, and i have been very satisfied ever since. I recommend Caspian Services to everyone. Good job guys and thank you for everything.

  • Jin L.,
    Caspian Services

    Looked everywhere for a web developer that can complete a website build in a timely manner. It’s more difficult than one thinks, then finally came across Caspian Services. They explained the whole process, finished the project on time!
    I needed to make some changes to the site after the completion of the project and Leonard and his staff really went above and beyond with helping us complete this project. Great staff to work with and responds to you email quickly. Very happy with this company and how they do business!!!

  • Allen Oshiro, Illusions By Allen
    Caspian Services

    Great job gets back to me very quickly when I email or have questions about my website very pleased with their work

  • Rich Bustillo, Gateway Homes, Inc.
    Caspian Services

    I recommend Caspian Services for any company looking to set up a website. Leonard, the owner, was very informative and patient as we explored our options in a custom website. There are companies out there that will set up a website for less, but they squeeze everyone into the same basic model, with little room for creativity. In my opinion, if one is going to spend the money to setup a website, it’s important to have it customized to one’s particular needs. Leonard, thanks again for a great website.

  • Geoff Maltese, Falconen Closures
    Caspian Services

    Caspian has been great to work with. We worked well together. They were very receptive, took the time to make the revisions, and worked quickly. I am very happy with my experience working with Caspian.

    Caspian Services

    It is because of Caspian Services that we have grown so much in the past two years! They have done our logo, business cards, brochures and our website. We love how everything came out! Working with them has given us the opportunity to grow. The site has become very successful and is growing every month. We have been working with Caspian Services for two years, and would recommend them for any graphic design and website services.

  • Andrew
    Caspian Services

    Knowledgeable friendly, fair! Best of all, its run hands on by the owner, Leonard, who know what he is doing.

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