How to Optimize Your Website To Increase Online Sales

In the age of e-commerce, all business owners understand the importance of having a top-quality website. Nonetheless, few actually take the time to optimize their sites to turn them into revenue-generating machines. If your business is struggling in this regard, keep reading for 5 pro tips on how to optimize your website to increase online sales. 

Take Your SEO Efforts Local

The rush to rank for SEO has become big business in the world of online retail, with companies paying top dollar for consultants who can improve their business’ chances of coming to the top of search results. However, with this rush has come increased competition, with businesses worldwide competing to capture that all-important organic traffic.

Therefore, in order to segment your market and narrow the playing field, it is best to take a local angle with your SEO efforts. You can accomplish this by creating content specific to your local demographic and by incorporating keywords that are trending in your area. By making your SEO content local, you not only stand a better chance of ranking, but you are more likely to introduce yourself to high-quality leads actively looking to make a purchase. 

Incorporate Elite Where to Buy Software

Speaking of local SEO, statistics reveal that a whopping 76% of local searches result in a store visit within 24 hours. Therefore, when building your WordPress site, it is critical to incorporate the best store locator software to conveniently route shoppers to your nearest in-person vendor. Quality locator software will provide GPS routing directly from the user device to the store location and should include robust photographs so that they can quickly identify the store from a streetside view, as well as where to locate your product once inside the building. 

Invest in Marketing Management

One of the benefits of running an online business is that digital marketing has the potential to be more affordable and far-reaching than traditional in-person marketing methods. While this is exciting, it is also important to remember that information–and misinformation–can spread like wildfire on the internet, creating the risk of your marketing content becoming watered down.

Therefore, it is a great idea to invest in a marketing asset management tool to keep your marketing content focused, cohesive, and impactful. The best marketing management tools make it quick and convenient for all of your team members to communicate and collaborate on marketing content, providing them instant access to all marketing materials from a central digital repository. This guarantees that all salespeople, marketing reps, and affiliates are spreading the same unified message about your brand, creating an impact that will stick in online customers’ minds and lead to increased sales. 

Improve the Website UX

The term UX–short for user experience–has become one of the most trending phrases amid the boom of e-commerce. Of the many factors encompassed by UX, one of its central tenets is the ability of your website to provide a simple, holistic, and enjoyable shopping experience for visitors. Some ways to improve UX and accomplish this include:

  • Improve the loading speed of pages. About 60% of customers will abandon a site if they have to wait longer than 3 seconds for a page to load.
  • Allow for guest checkout. Although there are many advantages to both your business and the customer for creating an account with your site, people worn down by password overload may abandon their cart if they have to create an account. Focus on facilitating that first sale and trust that account creation will follow.
  • Use images and fonts effectively. Text-heavy sites–especially on the homepage–do not work as we head toward 2023. Users should be able to digest your brand in a matter of seconds with little effort required.

Given the fact that a strong UX can be the difference between completing a sale and seeing a customer bounce, it is highly worthwhile to consider partnering with a web design professional to guarantee that your UX is top-notch.

Get Under the Hood

At the end of the day, you won’t be able to complete online sales if your website isn’t functioning properly. Hidden pages, 404 error messages, and broken links are just a few of the issues that could make your visitors’ shopping experience less than ideal. Therefore, it is important to regularly perform technical audits to guarantee that all aspects of the website are functioning as they should. Make sure your domain and hosting are in good shape. Offload any seldom-used plug-ins. Scan links for any suspicious re-directs. 

Watch Online Sales Soar With These Tips

A substandard website is a disaster in the age of e-commerce. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to optimize your site to increase online sales. If you are struggling with any of the ideas listed above, be sure to contact Caspian Services today and watch your online revenues soar!

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