10 things you should not be doing on Twitter

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With the ever-evolving updates to social media, getting social media practices right can seem confusing. While some practices may work amazingly well for many – it may not for you (and vice-versa). However, there are some things you should not do on certain platforms. Today, we are focusing on a few things you should not be doing on Twitter  in 2017, in order to get the most out of the social platform.

  1. Don’t link your Facebook to your Twitter account: as you may know, Twitter allows you to link your Facebook account, which in turn posts all of your tweets onto your Facebook account.  Now, while you may think this is great and saves you time (rather than manually posting the same information/status updates two times) it can actually backfire on you.

    First, remember that Twitter is limited to 140 characters – which will not allow you to get the full message out to your fans on Facebook and really connect to your audience clearly. Facebook is great for detailed, slightly longer content while Twitter is meant (and it’s expected) for quick tidbits of information. It is best to cater to each audience.

    Secondly, as we have mentioned in the past , manually updating your social media profiles is actually better for your reach. Sites like Facebook tend to look down on content posted by a third party and not manually. Here and there is okay but try not to make it a habit and you will notice that your reach is best when you manually update your profiles/feeds.

  2.  Don’t auto-post visual content from Instagram: Visual content is 100x better post on ALL social media platforms – rather than just words. You will have higher chances of being seen if you post photos or video content. While it’s okay to click “share to Facebook or Twitter” on your Instagram account when you are uploading  a pic or video – it is actually best to manually upload to Twitter instead. WHY? Well – Twitter will only display the shared content as text and a link. Therefore, people may miss your visual content and won’t stop to click the link that will take them to your Instagram account. Instead, take an extra minute or two and manually post the content to twitter. If you are trying to get Twitter users over to your Instagram account – you can always post the content plus a link to the original Instagram post and include a call-to-action, which would ask followers to head over to your Instagram account.
  3. Don’t miss out on trending hashtags: Twitter is HUGE on hashtag use. In fact, it’s probably the best way to have people find your content and what you are talking about. One of the things you want to make sure you are doing is using “trending hashtags”.

    You will notice that twitter let’s you know daily (and hourly) what topics and hashtags are really trending and what everyone is talking about. If you can use any of the trending hashtags in your post (if it relates) then use them! Don’t know where to find them? On a PC – they will appear on the right of your screen and on a phone (Twitter app) just click on “search” and they will appear.

    A good practice to start as well is to prepare for upcoming trends. While we may not know what media trends will come up a week or so from now, you can still take advantage of fun trends – like all of the “National” fun days. Note down all the annual days that might be relevant to your brand, stick it up in the office and start thinking of creative ways you might be able to get involved.(#NationalCookieDay” “#NationalBestFriendsDay ets). Awareness Days is a great source for upcoming national days and it will actually tell you what hashtags to use on each day.

  4. Don’t use Twitter strictly from 9-5: Social media users are on 24 hours a day and does not go by office hours. If and when possible – make sure you are still using Twitter after hours and connecting with others. In fact you may find that your audience is more active after 5 or 6 pm, when they are finally at home and relaxing as well. Take advantage of these active hours and  show your presence on Twitter. Whether it is posting a few updates or answering questions or comments from your customers. If your account is not too “active” yet because it is still very new, take this time to tweet to – and/or respond to – others in the niche of your business. Make conversations and build the connections! (TIP: use the search bar and type in keywords for your niche or have fun with the trending hashtags/topics)
  5. Don’t ignore analytics: All social platforms are now equipped with analytics for their (free) business accounts. Make sure you are looking at this often and paying attention to the engagement rates on particular posts. Take note and eventually you will be able to focus on what types of posts are really speaking to your particular audience. Don’t stop analyzing the analytics however, once you think you got it down. Trends can change and your audience may change as well. Make sure you are always keeping an eye on what is working and what is not.
  6. Don’t forget to be authentic: This is important! Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Your audience wants to connect to you and will value your authenticity. If you add personal touches to your posts, they will appreciate it. For example if you like to say “y’all” instead of “you all” – then say it! Don’t get caught up in sounding overly professional if that is not your style. Your customers and audience WILL see right through it.
  7. Don’t get overly salesy or spammy: Do not go to Twitter just to post things about your business and leave.  Twitter moves FAST and you need to make sure you are catching people’s attention. However, only posting about YOU (or your business) and doing nothing else will actually get you nowhere (and in all honesty it is wasting your time). Make sure you are re-tweeting other content (that is in-line with your brand, niche etc) and make sure you are getting involved in trending topics (ALSO – when possible and when it’s in-line with your brand, niche etc). This will allow others to find you and click onto your profile and take a look and possibly add you. If you are active often, they will keep you on and remember you and your business. If you ONLY post about your business, you may get missed (or unfriended). Tip: it is okay to go a little off topic / off niche if you are tweeting about non-controversial trends – – think:  #GameOfThrones.
  8. Don’t use boring photography: Make sure your visuals are eye-catching.  If you need (and don’t have) fun and bright photos – check out our post:  8 awesome websites for free stock photos.

    Also, take advantage of your Twitter header space and create an eye catching header. If you need help creating one, you can head over to Canva.com and use any of their free social media templates (and it will allow you to upload and edit it with your images as well)

  9. Don’t overdo the hashtags: Don’t make each word in your post a hashtag! #nobody #really #wants #to #read #a #post #like #this –  #WhatNotToDo. This makes the message look cluttered! Use a few relevent hashtags (again – better if trending and aligns with your message) and keep it nice and neat.
  10. Don’t ignore your followers: Respond to followers and build the relationship. Even if you have an upset follower who has a complaint – make sure you respond to them and briefly apologize and let them know how to contact you directly to resolve an issue they may have with an order or service from your business. If you see customers raving about your company – make sure to let them know you are grateful for their patronage and you are there if they have any questions! People love knowing that the brand/company is taking time out to recognize their presence and what they have to say (good or bad)

We hope that these tips will help you strategize your social media marketing. Have you been doing any of these “no-no’s”? If so, let us know how things change once you have changed your strategy! We would love to know if these tips have helped you!

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