40 Things To Tweet About Besides Your Business

Things To Tweet About Besides Your Business

Twitter is one of the great social media platforms that should not be ignored in social media marketing. However, Twitter feeds go pretty quickly and unless someone is searching for your hashtag used, your 1 or 2 tweets may never be seen. While over-posting on most social media platforms is a big no-no, Twitter is a bit different. Because of the fact that it goes so fast, you can actually post more times per day. In fact, it is recommended that you do! Posting a minimum of 6-8 tweets a day (spread out) is actually ideal. You can also re-post some of your older content.  But, you don’t want to make the posts simply about you or your business – or it may feel too sales-y and people will click “unfollow” … FAST…. That’s why today we are going over 40 things to tweet about besides your business. Try adding a few of these into the mix of tweets in order to start getting more engagement and recognition on Twitter! Slowly but surely followers will come and they will take notice of your tweets! (Note: while a few are “business related” – they focus on alternative fun ways to spotlight your brand)

  1. Industry news
  2. Local news (re city and state where your business is located)
  3. Tips that may be helpful to your audience and clients
  5. Inspiring or funny videos
  6. Photos of you or your business helping your community
  7. Jokes
  8. Engagement questions
  9. Link to a weird, funny or crazy story/video and ask for thoughts
  10. Links or coupons for a local event (like a county fair or children’s program)
  11. Thank a customer or give them a special birthday shout-out
  12. How-to videos or tutorials
  13. Create a song parody with your staff and share!
  14. Conduct a poll
  15. Engage with other peoples tweets (stay away from controversy)
  16. Tell a funny or interesting story (over a few tweets)
  17. Spotlight on an awesome employee (employee of the month, happy birthday wishes etc)
  18. Share a recipe
  19. Productivity tips
  20. Health tips
  21. Re-tweet awesome content from followers (and non-followers)
  22. Words of encouragement
  23. Reviews and recommendations to products, events, movies etc.
  24. Welcome tweets when customers check in to your business location
  25. Replies to anyone who tweets to or about your business
  26. Business tips
  27. Answer questions (look up industry related hashtags)
  28. Compliment someone
  29. References to businesses you love and use
  30. Photos or video of you or your team members having fun or at local charity drives (i.e: a coworkers weekend at a run/walk for charity)
  31. Celebrate a goal or achievement (like an employee getting accepted to a university or winning a contest)
  32. Ask for tips (i.e: “We are in NY for a trade show! Where is the best place for Sushi by Central Park?” )
  33. Ask followers what they want to know about YOU.
  34. Share a song
  35. Help out a follower/blogger you love – Share their link or profile (make sure it is not out of line with your values/morals etc)
  36. Say Hello (good morning, good night, etc)
  37. A photo of a beautiful sunset at the end of the day
  38. A photo of your morning coffee and pastry (or morning routine – like Yoga or skin care)
  39. Tips to solve problems (i.e. I just learned this awesome new hack for…”)
  40. Anything that shows you and your employees as regular humans (having fun, engaging and being real)

Feel free to mix a few of these in daily into your Twitter marketing, you may just attract new followers and get your current ones to engage with you more! (Engagement = trust and loyalty)

How often do you post on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below!

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