Why your business should use email marketing

Why your business should use email marketing

Developing a small business is a lot like growing a plant. You have to make sure that it has everything it needs to develop over time. While a plant needs sunlight, water, and soil, your business needs customers, marketing and action plans. When you start to gain momentum, it is important that you focus on one important area. That area happens to be email marketing. Many business owners make the mistake of ignoring this aspect of promotion. Don’t make that mistake. With a little help, your business can grow faster than you think.

Email marketing: the basics

So, what is email marketing? Well, in short, this is a method of communicating with your client base directly. While people may favor social media marketing, there is still a place for this form of promotion. To make sure that you pull this marketing off, you will need a subscriber list. You can keep in touch with your audience on a regular basis. That means that they will a) remember you when they next need services or products and b) give you feedback. This form of promotion is relatively cheap and easy to do. That is why it is popular with many businesses. When you try it for yourself, you will see that it can be quite useful.

Types of emails you can send

Once you have a list of email subscribers, it’s time to send them some emails. Many people find this aspect of email marketing difficult. You might question what you need to say to people and what tone you should use. Just keep things simple. The tone should reflect your company and show that you are friendly. You should offer people something in the email. For example, you can give them a discount or special promotion. Aside from that, you ought to ensure that you keep things short and sweet. You don’t want to bore the audience! The last thing you need to consider is that your email should have at least a week’s shelf life. You don’t know how often people open their emails, and so you need to give them a little time. Once you start sending promotional emails, you will see that you get an excellent response.

How to grow your subscriber list

Of course, you don’t want your list to get stagnant. You should continually seek to grow your list as much as possible. You should have a clear strategy for this aspect of things before you begin. When you get new customers, you could offer them a discount if they sign up for your services. You may also want to reach out to people on Facebook and Twitter. For example, when you run a competition, you should make it obligatory to sign up to the mailing list. Of course don’t forget to have a signup form on your own website. These little tips should be a massive help.

The easiest way you can get started is to use MailChimp. The system allows you complete flexibility when it comes to sending emails. You can schedule your email blasts to send whenever you need them to. The system also helps you create engaging emails that will intrigue your audience by using pre-designed templates. And tracking your campaigns through the reporting provided by MailChimp helps focus your message even more.

Why you should use email marketing

You might be wondering how email marketing will help you. Well, there are many reasons why you ought to start using this method. For one thing, you can trace the emails with ease and see what reaction you’re getting. You can also use calls to action to direct people from your email to your eCommerce site. One of the main reasons people avoid this promotional tool is because they think it is expensive. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be. It is an affordable form of marketing. So, why wait? Start email marketing today and increase your client base in no time!

If you feel like you need help with all this – we are here to help. We handle email marketing for many businesses.

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