Website Return on Investment and Google

return on investment

Lots and lots of people use Google AdWords and Google Analytics but the search giant has confused these users by recently re-defining a well-defined business metric: ‘ROI’.

This has led to confusion within companies – and caused Google AdWords users to think their campaigns are more profitable than they are and, thus, pump more money into Google while decreasing their own business’ profitability.

So has Google ‘done evil’ this time? In short, yes.

Google could have tried to help folks measure a true ROI, but that would have been hard. It would have to ask users to upload a matrix of their entire product and price listing, Google decided it was enough to give users a metric to help them decide which AdWord spend gave the most sales revenue increase. This is not ROI – more like ‘sales $ vs mktg $’. If Google had called it that, no harm would have been done. Even Google has now slanted a helpful business tool like their ROI calculator (for websites) towards wholly measuring Google Adword sales revenue. Sigh.

In summary, if you want real ROI from your website, then make sure it is continually updated and fresh, interests and invites both current customers and prospective customers to take the next step: call, come in or purchase on-line.

Your website professional can do an analysis and determine what to change so you do get ROI, if you’re not now. Caspian Services offers an initial analysis at no charge. Just email us:

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