TIPs from your Web Designer about Search Engine Optimization.


SEO opens the door to moneymaking on the web.

Designing the site:
Each search engine has its own algorithm in ranking web pages. Understanding the general factors that influence the algorithm can affect your search result position, and this is what SEO experts are hired for. An SEO’s job has two aspects: On-Site and Off-Site.

On-Site SEO: are the things that you can do on your site, such as: HTML markups, target keywords, internal linking, site structure, etc. Any web designer that doesn’t take on-site SEO into consideration while designing your site is closing the door on potential clients before you’ve even gotten started.

A stunningly beautiful woman locked in a closet is about as appreciated as a gorgeous website that has no visitors. What a waste that would be. You owe it to yourself to invest in SEO to “get out there” so you can get a return on your investment.

Off-Site SEO: are the things that you have much less control of, such as: how many backlinks you get and how people link to your site. Google Adwords are a key, too.

Getting Visitors to The Site:

Write about topics your audience cares about. Like what? Find out, by conducting a poll (like I did), scan some relevant bulletin boards or forums, look for common topics in customer emails, or do some keyword research. The plan is not to spend your life doing keyword research but just to get a general idea of what your visitors are interested in.

Don’t Be Dense About Keywords: Once you have a topic for readers; help search engines find it. Keyword Density is the number of times a keyword appears in a page compared to the total number of words. You want to make sure your keywords are included in the crucial areas.

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