The Importance of Engaging Content: Tips on How to Connect with Clients and Establish the Voice of Your Brand Through Compelling Copy

The Importance of Engaging Content: Tips on How to Connect with Clients and Establish the Voice of Your Brand Through Compelling Copy

So, your efforts to generate traffic have worked…job well done! Now, how do you make sure all of these visitors stay? Compelling and engaging content is what sets your website or blog apart. “Good” copy makes sure readers stick around and explore a while. Appealing content will not only keep the interest of your readers, but it will also help prospective clients get to know the voice of your company or brand.

The more familiar potential clients are with the voice of your brand, the closer they will be to inquiring about your product or service. At Caspian Services, we go to great lengths to create an effective mix of marketing tools that build brand awareness and drive customers to your business. From website design to compelling copy, we know the ins and outs of what it takes to build interest, generate leads, and convert sales. Our experienced team of content writers has come up with ten tips for you to consider when choosing the words that introduce and define your business.

  1. Know your audience

    This tip is number one for a reason. Keeping your audience in mind is extremely important in any industry. Who are you targeting? Adjust your tone and choose your topics with your target audience in mind at all times.

  2. Don’t over-sell

    The days of direct and overt marketing tactics are over. Clients are more inclined to show interest in businesses that offer a more personalized and tangible approach instead of overly pitchy solicitation.

  3. Don’t underestimate attention-grabbers

    The first few lines or introductory paragraph of any piece of copy is crucial. If you don’t give your readers something that catches their attention, you can lose them in just a few seconds. Pay close attention to the first few lines. Consider this your first impression, and make it count!

  4. Share your interests and opinions

    It’s always a great idea to use your blog as a platform to express opinions or interests that apply to your field. Referencing and providing feedback on relevant articles, current events, or products, will not only allow readers to familiarize themselves with your brand, but it will also show that you are aware and passionate about the industry.

  5. Keep it conversational

    Most readers stop by websites and browse the Internet on time constraints. With so much at our fingertips, our average attention span as readers is now extremely shorter. If you write how you speak (while keeping it professional), your readers will smoothly read through your content and actually make it to the end. Copy that is dense with facts and packed with not-so-common industry jargon will most likely get your readers to think about what they’re having for dinner before the third sentence.

  6. Remember to be consistent

    Maintaining a blog is hard work…that’s why we take the work off of your hands! If you do have a blog, consistency is the key to success. Inconsistently posting articles won’t cut it. Your readers are more likely to visit and re-visit your page if they know that it is frequently and consistently updated. If your last blog post is about the holidays, and it’s the middle of June, your blog may need a commitment makeover.

  7. Pictures speak louder than words

    . Along with our short attention spans, we have become more visual than ever! Articles with infographics or photos are a lot more likely to be shared on social media. Try to include images along with your content whenever possible.

  8. Consider lists and subheadings

    Remember the short attention span we were referring to? Well, that’s the reason for the rise of “top ten” articles like this one. When you list your content, or create subheadings, it becomes a lot easier for readers to navigate or “skim” through the copy. If you’ve written eight hundred words of glorious content in paragraph form, may the force be with you. Even if it’s the best stuff you’ve ever written, chances are your readers won’t make it passed the first few lines. Add some bullets or numbers, and you’re golden!

  9. Include testimonials

    Instead of stating how awesome you are, let happy clients do it for you. Prospective clients absolutely love reviews and testimonials from people just like them. Client reviews and accolades display your relationship with past clients, and solidify that you’re a rock star in your industry without having to say it.

  10. Find your voice

    This just means, be yourself. Distinguish the personality and tone of your brand, and make sure that voice is consistent throughout the content you create. Avoid being a robot. Don’t create dry content that fits a certain template of “formal writing.” You want to create a voice that clients can distinguish and recognize.

Share with us by commenting below on how you connect with your clients with engaging content.

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