Why you should start planning now to maximize Holiday sales!

holiday sales

For many businesses, November and December are super busy and rewarding months, but are you taking full advantage of the Holiday season?  Don’t wait until Halloween is over to start  planning your Holiday sales! And definitely do not wait until Black Friday or December 1st to roll out your sneak peaks and ads. if you start planning early you will have time to test marketing campaigns, capture the attention of potential and existing buyers and you can really maximize sales!

Now is the time to establish your plan! Here are 5 quick  tips to prepare you for  Holiday season marketing!

  1. Think about a campaign strategy: Christmas isn’t the only day people care about. Think about the variety of major holidays and national “sales” days that are on the horizon (and there are quite a few!) and how you would like to market around each one. This is the time of year when we have such a wide range of days to plan the perfect promotions! For example, right after Halloween we are already planning for:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s. And of  course you don’t want to forget to promote the best sales possible on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday! (Customers are always looking for great deals on those days!) Take full advantage and make sure you get the word out early! Don’t let shoppers pass up these huge sales days.
  2. Create holiday theme offers and content: Have some fun with your Holiday themes! Think up a few clever and catchy holiday promotions (i.e.: Winter Wonderland, Got snow?,  Gobble gobble up the savings etc.)  This includes special discounts (fun Holiday theme sales coupons, campaigns, etc) that you can provide to your customers, freebies or content (blogs, posts, downloads, ebooks etc)  that you created for the holidays.  Get creative!
  3. Prepare your social media strategy: The holidays can get really busy for everyone which can mean social media may have less traffic than usual. Create a calendar which includes your marketing strategy (when certain ads are running, days you are posting particular posts with sales/coupons etc) as well as your holiday blog posts/newsletters. Stay engaged with customers on social media and stay on top of things like trending hashtags/keywords throughout the season so you can use them when possible and stay on shoppers minds!
  4. Optimize keywords for Ads: What keywords, phrases or hashtags is your audience searching for your brand, industry or product? Think about what’s going through your audience’s minds when they’re searching and create your content/ads using this. Are they looking for gifts for family? Coworkers? Friends? Secret Santa’s? Last-minute gifts? Create your ad copy with your audience in mind so it will make sense to them and grab their attention while they are in a rush for the holiday season.
  5. Plan an event: Everyone loves a party or fun event! This is the perfect time to plan one and invite customers, friends, followers etc! Create a fun winter theme and make sure to offer either amazing sales, first look/dibs on a new product etc. Make sure to create a hashtag attendees can use and have it posted around your event (in a subtle and fun way).

    If possible have a fun photo area with props (like an oversized Instagram post which includes your company’s name)  etc. Like these:

    When you host an event, your attendees will typically rave on social media about it with the event hashtag. This is an awesome way to get your hashtag and company trending on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  With your special hashtag, you could promote other parts of your campaign, such as your offers. The people in attendance at your event and their social followers are more likely to see the campaign on the hashtag due to your event.

Remember – the holidays should be all about making your customer happy! This is the time of year when all shoppers are looking for the best deals on their favorite brands AND they are also looking to try out new brands and products that are on sale. Also, family and friend gifts are on the top of their list right now – make sure you are reaching out and you are seen this holiday season!

Have you already started your holiday marketing plan? Let us know what you have planned!

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