How social media can influence your business

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In our day and age, social media is what can make or break a business. In many cases, it helps most businesses to strive and grow. Social media is in the palm of everybody’s hands, they can find your business on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, even Snapchat. Through these apps, you can publicize your business and the services you offer. You can attract a lot of business as well through advertisements within the apps themselves and have the ability to generate revenue.


So how can it help your business? Well, for instance in order to grow you need to build a strong foundation for your business. Step one is to build a site so that you can link it to all of your social media accounts and your clients can have a fast way to find you. The next step is to create your social media accounts and start posting. In order to keep people intrigued you need to be constant with your posts because it allows them to see what your business has done and how it can benefit them, the client. For example, we often post our completed projects to our website portfolio as a reference for future clients to show what we can offer.


In order to become active on your social media a key part of that is the ability to interact with your previous and current customers. Encourage people on your staff to respond to comments left on your business pages and even hire a person to specifically take over the task of managing all of your social media. By interacting with your customers your are putting out the image that you as a company are listening to customers comments and that you do care about the relationship with clients. In our office we have one person dedicated to this area so that we can show how committed we are to your experience as a client.


Most importantly, in order to build your audience, you must create shareable topics. Most people find out about businesses through their friend’s posts so by having a post that people want to read and share you are basically receiving free advertisement. Once you’ve gained a substantial amount of an audience you can then generate income through your social media by placing ads.


Overall, a business is influenced by social media because you must perform tactics that will attract your customers and build you an audience so that your business can grow and succeed. You as a business are required to keep up with social media trends and to be constant with your responses to your clientele in order to present your business as successful.

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