Pinterest for Business 101


A Breakdown of the Basics

You’ve probably heard that Pinterest can be extremely beneficial for your business. You have probably even heard the topic of Pinterest boards and inspiration come up in casual conversation frequently. The truth is, almost everyone is “pinning” these days, and if you’re thinking about taking advantage of this popular platform, we think it’s a fantastic idea. The Pinterest audience is rapidly growing, making it one of the most beneficial for business. With so many social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and of course, Pinterest, things can get a little foggy. If you want to start benefiting from Pinterest marketing, here are a few things you should know. Our social media experts at Caspian Services have defined some of the Pinterest terms and practices that can cause a little confusion.

What does pinning mean?

Pinning simply means pinning an image onto a board on Pinterest.

What is a pinner?

A pinner is the individual pinning images. This word refers to someone with an active Pinterest account.

How do you repin? What does repin mean?

Repinning means to pin an image that another or several other users have previously pinned. Instead of pinning an original image, you can repin an image you stumble upon on Pinterest.

What’s a Pinterest board?

A board is a theme or category that organizes the images you pin by topic. For example a board titled “quotes” would include words to live by that you’ve found to be noteworthy. Pinning inspiring images in categorized “boards” keeps pins organized and easily searchable.

Now that some of the common Pinterest lingo has been defined, here are some tips on using the popular platform for business:

  1. Engage with other pinners by repining, liking, commenting, and following. Don’t forget that Pinterest is a social media site, so it is important to interact with other users in order to get more exposure.
  1. Keep in mind that key words matter. Be mindful of what you name your boards, images, and how you describe your images. Use keywords in your titles and descriptions to make your pins more searchable.
  1. Pin visually appealing material like attention grabbing photos or educational infographics with attractive visuals. Pins like these are more likely to grab the attention of other pinners.
  1. Be consistent with your pins. Try to pin often to stay relevant and establish a solid presence in the Pinterest community.
  1. Visit and re-visit your own boards and make sure they are visually appealing collectively and individually. The more organized, and strategically designed the covers and titles of your boards are, the more interested pinners will be.

Can you think of any other questions you may have that we have not covered? Let us know! We’d love to connect with you.

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