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Many small business owners with a new and beautiful website wonder why they don’t have high conversion rates immediately with such a great site. The answer is that, just as when you open a new brick and mortar business, you have to let people know you’re there and then you have to give them a reason to walk in the door. The same is true of websites. It takes marketing to have a busy website just as it does to have a busy shop.

SEO and your website

Search Engine Optimization is a way of letting people know that your website is there. It is very important. However, just because people know you are there, does not mean they will necessarily come in the door. You have to also do actual marketing. This includes having special offers to induce people to try your services as well as reaching out to others and inviting them to come in. I will give you one example of how to do this successfully.

Email Marketing: The Secret To Making Them Open Yours

Email Marketing is a brilliant method of marketing your business if you get it right. Of course everyone’s take on getting it right is different. There is one key factor, though, that anyone experienced with email marketing will agree on.

Inexperienced email marketers believe that your subject headline is what will get your email opened. It’s not! But what really does is You! Your Brand! If you are building your social media or online presence properly, your name should start to ring bells to the people you are sending emails to. Because if they have seen your name and picture constantly on Facebook or Twitter over a few weeks or months, when they receive an email from you, they will recognize your name, probably even picture you in their mind, and they will want to open your email because they feel they know you, like you and trust you! This is another reason why you need to brand yourself!

You could use the header image from your blog/website at the top of your emails so people recognize your “brand”. You could have your own signature from which will help to brand you. And you must make sure you inject some of your own personality into your emails. Remember, people only do business with people they know, like and trust.

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