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Interested in learning more about how Google Ads can help your Glendale business or non-profit forge ahead – even during these very uncertain times? If so, you are where you need to be – right here, with Caspian Services! As a highly-acclaimed web-design and web-development firm, we are very proud to offer an award-winning team of experts who can help your business in Glendale optimize and achieve its desired outcomes related to your marketing campaign goals.

We utilize next-generation technologies and seasoned industry insight to generate leads and increase conversion rates for businesses throughout California. One specialized avenue that effectively allows us to do that is Google Ads Management. As a Google Ads Management team, we can create a complete platform to stimulate ad revenue wherever and whenever visitors to your site are viewing, playing, or engaging in any way.

Google Ads allows Glendale website owners to create online ads that precisely target their intended audience through a PPC – pay-per-click – bidding system. When Google Ads campaigns are executed properly, Glendale business owners enjoy a healthier, more robust ROI!

Through Google Ads, enthusiastic buyers are able to find your site who might not, otherwise, have been able to do so through conventional, organic SEO methods. Google Ads has become very popular among businesses across all industries for a very good reason: Google Ads effectively drives qualified and vetted traffic to niche businesses while users are searching for specific products or services – just like yours!

Through a Google Ads campaign, your business will be displayed on the search-engine results page at the moment your preferred customers are looking for what they need or want. You reach your target audience when it makes sense for them to come across your ad.

Why Use Google Ads?

The reasons for using Google Ads are abundant. A few reasons have been touched upon, above, but let’s mention a few more:

  • Google Is Titanic – The reason to advertise on Google is evident: As a search engine, it is estimated that Google handles more than 2 trillion global searches, annually. As of 2019, Google had 92.42% of the search-engine market share, worldwide – 72% of the desktop market and 92% of the mobile search-engine market share. Breaking it down even further, Google handles 5.8 billion searches, every day! If you want optimum exposure with your ads, Google Ads is it!
    Our Google-Ads Management team can help you set up your campaign, build highly-competitive landing pages, and manage your keywords and bids – it’s all about driving as many leads and/or sales, as possible, per dollar spent!
  • Google Ads Focuses on Intent  – Our Google Ads Management team will help you place the most effective ads online by making sure you, maximally, understand the intent of your audience and match it to the type of ad they will see.When you, truly, understand the intent of your audience, you can place more effective Google ads, online. We can help you create a custom-intent audience and improve the performance of your ads by personalizing them. This way, ads become more relevant to your audience that has indicated an intentional interest through their browsing habits, app usage, video viewings, previous purchases, etc.Once we help you identify the interests, needs, behaviors, and goals of your audience, we can narrow down who your audience will be for a particular campaign or ad group. Understanding intent will allow us to help you create a single audience, a combined audience, or designated audiences that are preconfigured by Google Ads.
  • Google Ads Offer Complete Control – With your Google Ads campaign, you maintain complete control over the budget, involved. You can determine everything from the daily budget of the campaign to how much you want to spend each month. You can adjust the budget, if needed, determined by whether an ad is performing very well or under-performing. You can, also, stop the ad, instantly!
  • Google Ads are Conformable – With Google Ads, you are able to view, very concisely, how visitors are behaving on your website – what they clicked, where they went, how much time they spent on a certain page, etc. With Google Ads, you can even adjust where and, to whom, your ads will appear, for optimal ad exposure.


Malfunctions with Google Ads?

If your Google Ads aren’t effective, the reasons could be many. Caspian Services can:

  • Analyze Your Keyword Terms – Our team can determine if your keyword terms are too broad. If they are, Google will align your ad with the incorrect audience. This would translate into fewer clicks and higher ad spend. Caspian Services can review which keywords are generating the most clicks. We can add, remove, or tweak keywords to ensure they effectively correspond with your target audience.Also, if a keyword you’re targeting isn’t driving enough traffic – or no traffic at all – the ads you have tied to the keyword may become ineligible to show!  Caspian Services can select similar keywords that have the ability to increase traffic volume and provide the best ROI.
  • Research Your Competitors’ PPC Strategies – Our Google-Ads-Management team can conduct a competitor analysis where we can monitor where your competitors are advertising and see what your competition is doing with their PPC and social media ads. We will give you insight into their bids, landing pages, and more.
  • Execute Dedicated Landing Pages – Creating dedicated landing pages can be very challenging and time consuming, but Caspian Services can relieve you of the burden through our in-house design and development team.When a user clicks onto your landing page, he or she wants to explore your products or services for solutions to their problems. If, however, the landing page doesn’t support your ad’s offer or doesn’t meet a user’s expectations, users will exit, pronto.Caspian Services can design a custom landing page or update or modify an existing page for your campaign that is highly-converting. The better a landing page can solve a user’s problem or need, the better you will perform in the Google Ad’s auction.
  • Optimize Your Ad Copy – Incorporating your target keywords into your copy will optimize an ad and rank it higher in the paid-search results. Conversely, if your copy isn’t optimally keyword-focused, your Google Ads may not show, at all!  Our Google Ad Management team can create copy that includes your target keywords to signal to Google that your ad is relevant to the user’s search query. Multiple ad variations can be created and modified to achieve the most optimum conversion rates, possible.

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