How to increase your search engine ranking on Google

How to increase your search engine ranking on Google

How Google determines the ranking of search results:

Google determines where to rank your website in their search engine by using three main components which are the following: crawling, indexing, and serving. Crawling is the process of which Googlebot uses a specific algorithm finding new and updated pages adding them to the Google index. Indexing allows Googlebot to gather all words and tags used in a website while crawling it, the information gathered will be added to the index as well. Serving is when Google delivers you your search results by comparing your keywords to their index, presenting you with the most relevant websites.

For more info about Google’s processes visit this link.

Your ranking on Google’s search engine is crucial because less than 10% of people proceed past Google’s first page of results,making it harder for your site to be seen if not on the first page. Here are some helpful tips to optimize your website’s search engine ranking:

  1. Produce relevant content and include tags relating to each page’s information. By doing so and being consistent, you are increasing the traffic to your site which helps Google’s search engine locate you better. Including tags that relate to your page’s will also allow you to be found faster when searching keywords.
  2. Improve your website’s metadata. Your page’s title is the first thing a person using a search engine will see. Your title can include just your business name or your location as well. For ex. “Caspian Services – Glendale”. The description is just as important as the title and should be brief, concise information about your site and what you offer. To conclude the keywords are a couple of words that people would be able to search you by. These are typically main words that are relevant to your page.
  3. Use sitemaps: Have all your links to your major pages on your website in an XML file. This will allow spiders to locate and gather information from your pages better while the Googlebot crawls. If you have a new website, specially if built on a content management system like WordPress, creating the sitemap should be very simple.
  4. Use WordPress: Don’t run your site using flash, Google ranks flash websites lower than other sites running on different platforms, because flash sites aren’t mobile friendly. By using WordPress you are increasing your chances to be placed higher in ranking on Google’s search engine.
  5. Hire a company to help you. We at Caspian Services provide our clients with the tools to help their website achieve its full potential using SEO and other services that we offer. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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