How to make your website more “alive” for your customers.


We’re not talking about “Hal” from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Think more the computer in Star Trek and how she seemed alive. Yes, we’re still a ways away from voice activated computers that anticipate your requests and respond accordingly, but there are many other ways to create an interactive experience for the potential customer visiting your website. You want the customer to feel that your website is “real” and that perception is created by how the site “responds” to them.

There are many features that add up to the impression that your website is “responsive.” One example is “Geolocation functionality.” This is a feature in a website that builds in the ability for your site to know where the user is accessing the site from.

If you have a global on-line presence, with customers who speak different languages, then Geolocation functionality would be absolutely necessary. However, a retail dress shop with a small on-line store may not find it so important. Even a local operation can have customers from other places, though.

The biggest on-line market in the world is Asia. At more than 2 times every other on-line demographic, this may be a market you want to consider. If you sell inexpensive pieces of “Americana” (with an appropriate mark up) for example, you may find these are a hot item internationally. This is just something for you to consider. As your web designer, Caspian Services tailors every aspect of your site to your unique needs and wants. We want you to get the most from your website and sometimes the bells and whistles on a website can return the investment many times over.

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