How to increase your open rates when sending out a newsletter

How to increase your open rates when sending out a newsletter

We have been using and recommending iContact for your email newsletter management for almost 3 years now. Start a newsletter for your web site or business today with iContact. Send personalized text or HTML messages, RSS feeds, and surveys from any computer, and automatically keep track of your subscriptions. Broadcast your message to all subscribers with one click.

But how do you get your subscribers to actually OPEN your emails? Here are some quick tips to increase your open rates when sending out a newsletter:

  1. Changing up your subject line to include the senders name – make it personal – can help with open rates.
  2. Sending consistently (same day of every week or same day of every month) allows your readers to know when to expect your next newsletter. Because people are expecting it, they’ll want to open the newsletter and see what information you’re sending.
  3. Make sure your newsletter focuses on the important news at the top or perhaps a teaser to make them read further.
  4. Keep your newsletters short and have links to articles you want your customers to read. If they’re interested in the information, they’ll click on the link. If not, they can continue reading to find the article that relates to them the most.

One other thing to remember is that if some of your readers are opening the newsletter on their Smartphone and may not be displaying images. If they are not displaying images, their open will not count toward your open rate.

These are quick and easy items to implement to increase your newsletter open rate.

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