How To Attract Customers With Online Competitions

How To Attract Customers With Online Competitions

The key to getting more and more visitors to come to your site is by making things interactive. While sharing information is crucial, you must also try to find a way to get your visitors coming back and being a part of your community. One of the best ways to build up your presence, build a brand and grow your audience is through hosting online competitions with the option to say win an iPad or something just as cool and useful. In this article we will share how to attract customers with online competitions and how much fun you can have doing it.

Use social media platforms to gather interest

It is no secret that using social media for marketing your business is an effective method. Facebook is one of the best platforms for which to set up an online competition due to the tools that they provide. There are millions of people on Facebook each and every day. By setting up a competition and getting the word out, you can find yourself building a new customer base in no time.

It does not cost much to get a contest up and running on Facebook. While there is not an app that will help you setup your contest, you can host it on a third party provider and use Facebook for promoting.

If you are interested in hosting a social media competition, you can follow these steps to get started:

  • You will need to decide on a pretty decent prize. If your prize is worth a little bit of cash, you will get more people interested in competing. But you don’t always have to spend a lot of money for a prize if you can manage to find something useful and popular that people like.
  • The most difficult part of holding a competition is getting the people to participate. If you have an existing customer list, start by using that to invite people. You could also ask them to spread the word if they know someone who might be interested in playing along.
  • Promotion is the biggest key when hosting a Facebook contest or any competition in general. You can promote using Facebook ads or free ads on other sites, you can tweet about it, write a blog post and be sure to send it out to social bookmark sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious. You could even post on forums to get people’s attention.
  • Make your competition easy enough to participate in. Don’t include complicated rules that will turn people off. This also applies to the requirements of the competition itself once they do participate. If something is too hard to do or figure out, people will drop out or spread bad publicity.
  • It takes time for people to spread the word about your contest. You should think about letting it run for about a month or so. The more you can promote, the more people will hear about it and join your contest.
  • One of the most important things to remember when running a competition is to keep it fun. If your members can interact with one another and share what they think about your products or service, chances are you will have a successful competition which will result in growth for your business and exposure for your brand.

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