What it Takes to Have an Awesome Blog

What it Takes to Have an Awesome Blog

Here are five essential things every blog needs to grow:

Captivating Content

Blog posts give you a chance to match a personality with your brand. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, consumers want to connect a business with a voice. Make sure the content you produce grabs the attention of your readers, and reflects the tone and style of your business at all times. Our content writing team is well versed in the language of blogging, and we’re ready to help you make your blog awesome.


It is absolutely essential to update your blog regularly and at a consistent pace. People are more likely to visit your site if they can rely on content that is consistently fresh and new. If you write the most spectacular articles once a week for a month and don’t post anything for a few months, chances are you won’t have many returning visitors. Even if you can update your blog a few times a month, stick to this pace.

“Shareable” Topics

When coming up with ideas for blog posts, always keep the powerful “share” button in mind. Your goal is to write content and design a layout (with a lot of visuals) that will encourage your readers to share, share, and share again! Try to create posts that spark conversation, propose a debate, or offer information on a trending topic.


Each blog post you create should conclude with a task left for the reader. Whether this is done with a thought-provoking statement, question, or request for elaboration, it is incredibly important. If your call-to-action is successful, readers will leave comments that will influence further comments by other readers, and potentially result in commenters returning to check the evolution of the discussion you created.

Social Media Promotion

We can’t expect readers to share and promote our recent blog posts if we don’t do it ourselves. It is key for bloggers to plug their own posts on all social media platforms. When doing this, remember to tweak your approach for each forum. For example, Twitter will need a witty announcement that is 120 characters or less, while a Facebook post is more likely to thrive on an engaging and resourceful info-graphic.

Blogging is serious business. At Caspian Services, we know there are many elements involved in creating a blog that grabs the attention of readers, makes sure they stay, and most importantly, inspires them to return. If you think your business could benefit from a blog, you’re absolutely right. However, if you think that merely creating a blog is all it takes, we’ve got some news for you. Creating, managing and maintaining a blog takes the planting of many meticulous seeds and a lot of “watering” in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Have you discovered any powerful blogging tools or secrets we haven’t mentioned? We would love to hear what works best for you and your business in the comments below.

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