Graphic Design and Branding: New Trends for 2013

Graphic Design and Branding: New Trends for 2013

Digital media is expanding. Now it’s starting to take hold and traditional branding methods are migrating to the online world. With the increasing prominence of branding, designers and companies are looking for alternative ways of standing out from the crowd. It’s giving designers additional creative freedom and the ability to take more risks.

This is the theme of 2013, but within this theme are a number of trends which you might have already encountered.


As we grab our smartphones to browse a website we’ve gotten used to clicking and fiddling around with EVERYTHING. The age of flashy ads and complicated graphics is gone. Minimalism is a major trend in the world of web design, and it’s expanded to graphic design and overall branding.

People want to interact with ads and play around with what’s on the screen. It’s challenged designers to develop ads which are minimalistic yet can be interacted with.

Youth and Humor

It’s no surprise to learn youth is the main market of most brands. The elderly still make up a tiny portion of total web use. Designers and companies are tailoring their designs to youth. And it’s meant those sleek corporate designs are disappearing as they just don’t resonate. The safe and professional corporate look doesn’t say anything to a young person.

Add subtle humor and a hint of irony to really interact with this crowd and you’re onto a winner!

Original Art

The retro look has made a comeback in 2013. What has also made a comeback is the less digital. People are moving away from the Internet whilst still being on the Internet. Confusing? Absolutely!

In short, graphic designers and brands are drawing their designs onto paper and scanning them into the computer. It adds some realism to a world not known for its realism. If you’re a business looking to enhance your brand, employ an artist to work alongside your graphic designer.


Color is something which changes from one month to the next. Throughout most of this year, it’s back to bold colors like red, blue, and lime. Later on in the year it’s likely to swing back the other way and you’ll see more unconventional colors again.

This is a trend you shouldn’t stick to. Ignore it completely. It will constantly change and you can’t keep up with it without diluting the effectiveness of your brand. It’s strongly recommended you stick to the conventional and avoid going too niche.


The type of font you use can make or break a design. In 2013, it’s Google Web Fonts which practically every designer has. They’re playing with fonts like Sofia, Lobster, and Wisdom Script.

Whilst these new fonts are beginning to gain in prominence, it’s no reason to completely change how you design things. The older fonts which everyone loves still work as well as before. Arial, Copperplate, and Times New Roman are still favorites and won’t disappoint any of your clients.

You might want to try experimenting to see what you can find, though. 2013 is a time for pushing forward, rather than being conservative.

Tess Young is a freelance graphic designer. She recommends enlisting the help of a company like if you want a safe pair of hands and someone you trust.
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