Gain Social Media Superpowers: Five Tips on Improving Your Social Media Presence

Gain Social Media Superpowers: Five Tips on Improving Your Social Media Presence

These days, few can disagree that social media is (or should be) an essential aspect of any business plan. If your goal is to watch your business grow exponentially, creating and maintaining a social media presence is an absolute must in nearly any industry. Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Consistent “liking,” sharing, posting, and re-posting is the best way to engage with current customers and grab the attention of potential clients. The sooner we can accept the fact that social media is the networking event of the year and we need to be the life of the party, the sooner we will reach and exceed our professional goals.

Many clients are far from thrilled about creating a social media presence. This hesitation usually stems from the huge commitment it brings forth. In order to truly capitalize on the benefits of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms, consistency is key. This can be overwhelming. For this reason, our team of social media all-stars at Caspian Services takes the guesswork out of social media marketing. Our experts here can help elevate your audience and customer base through engaging content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share across multiple platforms. We will take on the commitment for you, and help you build a brand. To get the ball rolling, we’re bringing you five ways to improve your social media presence:

  1. Don’t over-commit

    When starting to dip your feet in the social media waters, don’t overwhelm yourself by joining all of the networks you can find. Stick to one or two platforms. It’s much better to create profiles on fewer outlets, as long as you are managing them well. In this case, quality is definitely more valuable than quantity….start with what you can manage!

  2. Engage with others

    Posting and sharing on your own page is great, but it is essential to be involved in conversations that apply to your industry. You should also interact with other businesses and brands through comments and sharing. The more involved you are with colleagues, other brands, and followers, the more “buzz” your brand will create.

  1. Be Consistent

    Social media requires regular maintenance. If you can only post once a week, keep up this commitment every week. If you can post daily, stick with it. The management of your profiles directly reflects your brand.

  1. Do your research, and come up with a plan

    Study the social media strategies of brands you admire. Take a look at what successful businesses do to gain and maintain a following. Plan your posts and strategies ahead of time, so your approach is organized and intentional.

  1. Stay consistent with your voice

    It is essential to make sure every single post and comment reflects the voice and tone of your brand. You want to create a personality that people can recognize and identify with.

Share with us by commenting below on how you utilize social media for your business.

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