Five Things NOT to Do on Social Media

Five Things NOT to Do on Social Media

Social media marketing is an unavoidable and essential aspect of business these days. Creating and upholding a strong social media strategy is vital to staying relevant, establishing a voice, and connecting with current and prospective clients. From Twitter to Pinterest, and of course Facebook, social media for business is a marketing monster that requires a lot more research and tactic than many presume. We’ve given you tips and tricks on how to thrive on these social platforms. Now, the Caspian social media team is touching on five things NOT to do when it comes to social media marketing!

Do NOT Skip Spell Check

Many believe that just because social media is a more “relaxed” outlet for communicating, spelling and grammar is not as important as it would be in a professional setting. This is absolutely untrue. The more errors you have in the content you post, the less seriously clients will take you as a business owner. Although it may be disguised as social interaction, social media for business is business, nonetheless.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Although Facebook and other platforms allow you to interact with your clients and target audience casually, don’t get too comfortable. Remember to keep it professional no matter what. This tip applies to what you share, how much you share, and how you respond. Not only do your actions impact the individuals you’re engaging with, but prospective clients can also view your activity and make conclusions about your business.

Never Respond Impulsively to Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is inevitable when it comes to business. With so many different platforms to express one’s opinion, reviews are more prominent than ever. Since the criticism is in the public eye, it can be frustrating. In the event that an individual posts negative commentary regarding your business, take careful steps towards responding. Don’t respond on impulse or with an emotional reaction. Your response tells as much about your business and character as much as the feedback. Always keep your replies to criticism professional, logical, and accepting.

Don’t Flood the Newsfeed

Sharing and posting consistently is excellent for your business. However, balance is very important when it comes to the frequency of your posts. Regardless of the social media platform, posting every minute of the day and “flooding” the newsfeed with promotional posts, shares, or photos tends to backfire.

Don’t Be “Sales Pitchy”

Consider your social media pages as an opportunity for followers and prospective clients to get better acquainted with the personality and character of your company. People don’t look to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for deals or pushy marketers. Most people take a break from their days and rely on social media to socialize and be entertained. Using your page to overtly sell and self-promote is not a strategic business move.

Can you think of any cringe-worthy social media behaviors that we didn’t mention? If you’ve witnessed the misuse and overuse of social media by a business, share your feedback with us by commenting below! We would love to hear it.

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