How To Write The Perfect Email

Contacting people nowadays is not the same as it used to be, however it is definitely faster!  Email is now the way we reach out to other professionals or customers. While it may be fast and easy, we don’t always do it “right” or “professionally”. The ease of emailing can sometimes lead to grammatical errors,…

5 Easy Ways To Improving Your Social Media Security

Social media hacks and attacks are nothing new, however, it’s more sophisticated these days and anyone can become a target (no matter how big or small your accounts may be).  As a business, you definitely want to make sure you are protecting the brand you are building online! Therefore, digital security should become a top…

Are you listening to your audience?

When we have been in a certain industry for so long, our brains become ingrained with the industry terms and lingo. While this may be a plus for you in your field – we forget that the majority of our customers and prospective clients (audience) don’t  use the industry lingo. This is important to note…

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