8 reasons you should be using video for your business in 2017

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If you have not already started using Facebook Live, Instagram stories or YouTube for your business, or if you have set one up but have not yet really utilized it, now is the time! Customers are searching for your products/services and video makes a huge impact on the chances that you are seen and found.

We want to make sure that you are using all of the free marketing tools available to you, so we have compiled a list of 8 reasons you should be using video for your business!

  1. Google loves video: Did you know that by having videos embedded into your website you are 52x more likely to be seen first on Google search? By pairing videos with quality content on your website your search ranking improves within Google. As your ranking improves you earn more clout and your pages are more likely to come up in search results. Start with a business YouTube channel and start recording, editing and uploading those videos! Make sure you use a few great keywords in the title and description and post them! Or, Start using Facebook live. Even if you start out with a small amount of live viewers (maybe even none) the video will still be viewable after you have completed it and people will watch! If possible, set up a certain day and time each week to go live, eventually people will begin to expect for your live updates and will tune in! You can then embed the Facebook or YouTube videos on to your website or blog page.
  2. YouTube is the second-largest Search Engine in the world: Nowadays, people use YouTube to search for videos relating to their interests, since video is more engaging and conversational by nature. For this reason, some of the best YouTube videos to consider are “How-To’s”, DIY’s (not just for crafts), customer reviews and comparison videos. Think back to when you wanted to compare a product – did you want the new Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone? Did you search google for the pro’s and cons of each? If you did, I am certain you found a video comparison! People LOVE watching these types of videos – it helps them make up their minds on what item they will purchase. Just remember – don’t bash the competitors! Make sure you just highlight why your product or service is better!
  3. Collaborations: Collaborative videos are popular on YouTube. Viewers like them because they’re an opportunity to see YouTube favorites working with someone else, and creators like them because of the additional exposure.
    Look for popular bloggers and YouTube channels that complement (rather than compete with) your business, and try pitching the idea of a collaboration.
    They may ask that you give them a product to try (or a service) for their review in return. They may even ask to hold a contest for your product (this is great exposure which may bring you a whole slew of new followers)

    Make sure you are clear from the beginning in your collaboration offer (i.e: free product/service for a video/photo/blogpost review in return)

  4. Increases social media engagement: Social media sites, like Facebook, prefer video as well over any other content. Plus, followers on social media would sometimes rather watch a video than read through a longer post. Facebook also alerts your followers when you are using Facebook live! You have greater chances of reaching to a new customer base or new followers by using video! Plus, people love sharing video on social media as well! Social Media posts that include video result in over 90% more page visits than those without.
  5. Video shares: New customers are more likely to try products recommended by one of their friends through social media, there’s a significant upside to creating content that is tailor-made for that marketing channel. The great part about video is how easy it is to share. YouTube has an easy sharing button embedded into each video and Facebook has it available on all video posts and Facebook Live!
  6. Increases customer trust and credibility: Customers love to see a product or service in use or action. This is why people buy just about anything from an infomercial! If you have a product or service to sell video is one of the best ways to show customers exactly WHY they should buy or use it or trust you/the product. If you are suing YouTube – make sure to edit your videos. YouTube has a free editor you can use, or you can use any other program you may already like and know. You want to make sure you show professionalism in the video. (this does not mean that you cannot be funny or quirky if that’s what you wanted to do – by all means go for it!) Whenever possible, make your videos stand out – make them memorable so people remember you, your product or your service! And don’t forget: Always check the comments on your videos and answer any and all questions! People will reach out to you and you want to make sure you don’t just post videos and move on.
  7. Drive Sales: 64% of millennials use their smartphones to search for coupons or discounts or products. If you have a storefront or online store, create a locally targeted YouTube video detailing your company’s loyalty discount program and your latest big sale, you make it painless for millennial consumers to get a great visual introduction to your products, and to make a fast purchase via an embedded link to your web store.
  8. The stats don’t lie:
    • According to Nielsen. On average, 128 million Americans view videos on YouTube each month!
    • More than 10 percent of U.S. consumers use YouTube for local shopping.
    • According to L2inc, 99 percent of U.S. online specialty retailers and 95.1 percent of luxury brands use YouTube to market their goods.
    • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.
    • YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day
    • In 2014 CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying “In five years most of Facebook will be video”.
    • According to a study by Social Bakers, the average video post generates 135% greater organic reach, when compared to photo posts.

Have you started using video for your business? Let us know in the comments below how video is helping you market your business.

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