8 Fall Marketing Ideas For Your Business


Fall is around the corner, this means you should have already started your Autumn marketing!

This could mean a promotion you announce in your newsletter, a coupon code you post in your web store, or a social media promotion.

Here are 8 Fall Marketing Ideas For Your Business, just in case you need a little inspiration!

  1. Back to school: Back to school promos typically run best between the end of July and Early September. Here in Los Angeles kids have already gone back to school. However there are still many back to school promotions taking place (plus – some districts or cities do have a later start). You may still have time to take advantage of the back to school  promos at least thru September!
  2. First Day of Fall: This year, the first day of Fall lands on Friday September 22,  so you still have time! Try to think of a few fun “Autumn Equinox” sales and themes – like: falling into savings, leaves changing, seasons turning, etc
  3. Halloween: Look around and you will notice that stores have removed their  Swim goggles and posted up  witches and bat items in their place. Some good promo ideas:  scary-good savings, super sweet sales, and a myriad of manipulations of words with ‘boo’ sounds in them. Also – this is a great time to have customers enter into a costume contest you are running (with a fun prize). Don’t forget to participate in local business/community halloween events (including passing out candy)!
  4. Thanksgiving/Black Friday: The season of “THANKS”. Use this time to think of ways to thank your customers (old and new). This is a great time to have a  “Customer Appreciation Sale”.

    Also, don’t forget to give a few sneak peeks of your Black Friday deals as well (and Cyber Monday). These days are the HOTTEST days for deals. Promote them as much as possible!

  5. Small Business Saturday: Right in between Black Friday and Cyber monday is Small Business Saturday. If you have a small business – THIS is the best day for you to continue Black Friday sales and pricing… just in case customers were too overwhelmed with the big box stores the day before. Don’t forget to promote this day as well (separate from Black Friday / Thanksgiving) and use hashtags like #ShopSmall or #SmallBusinessSaturday
  6. Game Of Thrones: Yes, the show is HUGE. “Winter Is Coming” is the motto of House Stark, one of the Great Houses of Westeros. Don’t be afraid of using that motto – after all, Winter really IS coming!
  7. 24 Hour Sales: Now that people are scurrying to get all their shopping done for Christmas – this is a great time to hold one, or a few, 24 hour sales. Send out a newsletter and let your customers know the exact day and hours your 24 hour sale will be running. Make it enticing. If there is a favorite Item you sell that you can include in that sale – tease it in the emails.

    Having a few different 24 hour sales (back to back)  is also great. This will keep your fans on your website, checking it daily to see if their favorite must have item has been discounted. PLUS – even if their item is not on sale that particular day – they may see another item they had their eye on and make the purchase. These types of sales will many times have the same customer making multiple buys.

  8. Viewing Parties: Fall TV lineup starts in October. What a great time to host a viewing party event in your office, studio or a rented location. If you have any items you sell that coincide with the show or theme –  offer them at sale price.

Autumn is definitely a FUN time for promotions and in reality, it’s really what it’s known for (we all wait for the post Thanksgiving sales!)  From ghosts and goblins to leaves, sweaters and pumpkin spice (and TURKEY!) there are hundreds of  ways to  take advantage of Fall promotions. Don’t forget to use Facebook and Instagram (especially LIVE) to promote your events and sales!

Have any Fall/Autumn ideas of your own that are not mentioned?  Let us know in the comments below!

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