70+ attention-grabbing blog post headline ideas for you business

attention grabbing headlines

Recently, on our blog, we gave you 7 reasons your business needs a blog and we explained why it is so important to helping you draw in new customers. We understand that sometimes coming up with some ideas for blog posts can be hard, especially if you are just starting out. So today, we wanted to share with you 70+ attention-grabbing blog post headline ideas for your business, to help you hit the ground running.

Now, before you write a great headline, you need to know a few tips to come up with a great, attention-grabbing title.

  1. Use Numbers: Numbers draw people’s attention. It’s a great way to tell your readers “how much” info they will be receiving. Make sure you are using numbers in “digits” not words (i.e: use “7” instead of “Seven”).  Also, studies show that odd numbers tend to work best. So, instead of coming up with something like: “Top 10 beauty hacks for 2017”  change this to something like “Top 13 Beauty Hacks for 2017”. Since most people are using Numbers like: Top 5, 10, 20, 100 – you will actually benefit from using a different (odd) number (and you may do better in Google rankings, because it is different)
  2. Use catchy Adjectives: You will grab people’s attention better if you have a catchy and strong adjective. Use your creativity and stand apart from the rest! Some catchy Adjectives you can add to your title include: Easy,  Crazy,  Awesome,  Epic, Best Fascinating, Unbelievable, Beautiful, Terrible, Controversial, Shocking, Tasty, Brilliant, Top, Powerful, Attention-Grabbing, Delicious,  Mouthwatering, Gorgeous, Successful, Valuable, Useful, Efficient, Trendy, Outrageous, Mind-blowing, Proven, Recommended.
  3. Keep it short and focused: Make your title short, sweet, concise and very descriptive. Don’t forget to use keywords for SEO purposes! Try not to use more than 70 characters in your title (Google will cut it off).
  4. Use popular search queries: Your readers want something useful and relevant. Most readers are looking for answers when they are searching through Google. Therefore it’s a great idea to include “How to” or “What is” in your titles, when it relates to your blog post. Search engines love these posts (especially if you follow the odd number tip above).
  5. Stay away from misleading readers: Your blog post title and the content should have the same message. Sometimes, companies/bloggers will use “click bait” titles to lure new readers to click on their post only to find that the title misled them. This will turn people away and can hurt your brand. If you create a catchy title, make sure the content of the blog matches that title.

Your blog headline is a call-to-action, so make sure it captures people’s attention. The headline determines how your content will be shared and spread more than the content of the post itself.

Hopefully, these 70+ blog post headline ideas will help you come up with amazing blog content for your site.

How To Posts:
  1. How to _____ with ________
  2. How to start ______ with no _____
  3. How to start a ___________
  4. How we went from ______ to ___________ in ______days
  5. How to create the perfect ________
  6. How to ________ that drives ________
  7. How to _______ in (#)___ easy steps
  8. How We/I made ____ in ___
  9. How to find _____
  10. How to get rid of ______
  11. How to ______ the right way
List Posts
  1. #______Ways to increase your _______ with _______
  2. #______Habits that will make you __________
  3. #______ Tips for creating ______
  4. #______Ways to conquer ______
  5. #______More effective strategies to ____
  6. #______Must haves for _______
  7. #______Habits of highly successful ______
  8. #______ Steps to create the perfect ________
  9. #______ Resources for the best ______
  10. #______Ways to teach ________
  11. #______ Awesome Activities for ______
  12. #______  Must Ask Questions for ______
  13. The top #_____ tools we use every day for _____
  14. #______ Things you must know about _______
  15. #______  Statistics about ______
  16. #______ Amazing _____ videos
  17. #______ Ways to rock at _______
  18. #______ (topic) secrets revealed
  19. #______ Questions you should ask before ____
  20. #______ Secrets to ___
  21. #______ Signs you might _____
  22. #______ point checklist for ____
  23. #______Best ways to _____
  24. #______Foolproof tips for ____
  25. #______ Creative ways to _____
  26. #______ Wrong ways to ____
  27. #______ Smart strategies to ____
  28. #______ Ideas that will motivate you
  29. #______ Key benefits to ____
  30. #______ Trends you need to know about
  31. #______ Rules for _____
  32. #______ Tips for busy ____
  33. #______ Amazing ___ to try right now
  34. #______ Proven ways to ____
  35. #______ Key benefits of _____
  36. #______ Greatest hacks for ____
  37. #______  Things you didn’t know about ___
  38. #______  Handy tips for ____
  39. #______  Myths about ____
  1. The ultimate guide to __________
  2. The beginner’s guide to _________
  3. An in depth guide to _________
  4. A complete guide to _____
  5. The ultimate ____ hack
  6. The essential guide to ______
  7. The best cheat sheet for ________
  8. A step by step guide to _________
  9. The ultimate __________ DIY
  10. Best practices for _______
  11. Learn how to do more ______ with less ______
  12. The truth about _________
  13. An insider’s guide to ______
  14. What the experts won’t  tell you about _____
  15. A guide to understanding ________
  16. How to ____ in #______ easy steps
  17. How to generate more _____
  18. How to get rid of _____
  1. ____ vs ____: Which is really better
  2. Why we prefer ___ over ____
  3. ____ vs ____: Which do you really need?
  4. The difference between ____ and ___
  1. The do’s and don’ts of _____
  2. Why you need to get rid of ____________
  3. How to deal with _________
  4. Start a ____ in ____easy steps
  5. Simple ___ to get stuff done
  6. The top #_______ you need to _______
  7. What to wear to __________
  8. The ultimate gift guide for __________
  9. _______ That nobody tells you about

Have these title ideas inspired you with a great idea for a blog post? Let us know! When you post the content feel free to share it with us!

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