7 ways to improve your Yelp page


Yelp continues to be the main website people visit looking for information about local businesses. Remember using a yellow pages book to find a business you were looking for locally – well Yelp does that and a lot more.

Potential customers can find you quickly on Yelp’s website or mobile app – see your location and contact info, business hours, photos of your offerings or place, and most importantly, reviews by your previous customers.

Are you doing all that can be done on Yelp to attract new customers?

Here are 7 ways you can improve your Yelp page:

  1. Make sure your Yelp page is up to date: Check the address, phone number, website link and business hours.
  2. Post pictures to your Yelp page: People love visuals and to see what things look like, it’s important to have an abundance of pictures of your products and the setting of your business so people can get a feel of it.
  3. Rather than asking for a review, you can remind customers that you’re on Facebook, Yelp and so on or use language such as “Check us out on Yelp.”: Having a high rating with many positive reviews is the best way to attract customers to your page.
  4. Respond to reviews: Responding to the reviews made by your customers will show that you care about their opinions and business.  This will also show that you are an active owner which is what people like to see because they enjoy a more personal relationship when working with a business.
  5. Advertise on Yelp: There are about 77 million monthly users on Yelp allowing you a lot of room for gaining new customers. There are different types of advertising on the site like targeted local advertising, Premium placement on search and competitor business pages, and presence on mobile and desktop devices. These are all great options for you because it will give your page a lot of exposure no matter what.
  6. Run a deal: People love deals, advertising a deal on your page for your business will be a nice gesture for new customers and can prompt old ones to return.
  7. Check out your competition: It’s always important to keep an eye on your local competitors. Search and study their profiles seeing what works for them and if you can try it out.

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