7 steps to becoming more productive and meeting business goals

7 steps to becoming more productive and meeting business goals

Being busy may help the day go by faster, but it doesn’t always equate to being productive. If you find yourself jumping around in between emails, social media, projects etc., and you want to better prioritize your time in order to become super focused and grow your business then these productivity tips are for you!

We have compiled 7 steps to becoming more productive and meeting business goals

  1. You need goals: What are your main goals for this year? Now, pick the top 3-5 goals to focus on. While you may feel like you need to add more goals than this, trying to add on too much will actually become too overwhelming. So, stick with no more than 3-5 goals at a time. If you accomplish those goals early on, you can add more, later!
  2. Create an action plan: Every goal needs a strategic and detailed action plan with specific steps on how you plan to achieve those goals. One of the best ways to do this is to break down each goal into smaller goals by month or week. For example: If your goal is to increase your company’s social media following to 12K by the end of the year, then set up a monthly goal of 1,000 new followers per month. Along with that goal, write down in detail how you plan to do just that each month.

  3. Delegate tasks: Is there someone in the office who can get some of these tasks done efficiently? Delegate these tasks and share those yearly, monthly, weekly goals with them and then let it go and focus on the other goals! Set up a short weekly or monthly meeting with them to go over the goal delegated to them and it’s progress. If you are a solo business owner with no employees, this may be harder for you to do, however not impossible. If you find that you really do need assistance but not a full time employee, consider hiring a “VA” (virtual assistant).
  4. Place your list of goals where you will see them daily: Whether you place them next to your computer or in a daily planner (If you are consistent in using that planner daily), having these goals and steps in sight will become a helpful daily reminder of what important tasks must be accomplished each day. Whichever way works easier for you to see this list daily will work. The key here is consistency!
  5. Declutter your work space: Getting your work space organized clears your mind and increases productivity. Distractions can easily occur when a space is cluttered. Research shows that cluttered spaces = cluttered minds, which in turn take away from our focus. This includes any and all “digital clutter” – all of those files cluttering your computer desktop and folders that you no longer need or can be organized better to find things easier and quickly.
  6. Stop multi-tasking: Sometimes we find ourselves doing 5 different things at once and we believe that this will help us get everything done quickly and why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone, right? Wrong! This is not always the most efficient way and many times the lack of focus on an item, will cause you to do double the work later when you need to fix errors. Try to focus on one thing at a time, you will actually get more done!
  7. Turn off the distractions: Nothing is more distracting than phone and email notifications, texts, phone calls, etc. In fact, sometimes you can be focused on a project and one email or phone call may completely steer you into working on another item right away. When you know you need a certain amount of time to strictly focus on the task at hand, consider turning off notifications and if possible, closing your office door. Set specific times each day that are your “do not disturb” hours and stick to them as best as possible. The less distractions you have around you, the more you will get done.

Setting large goals and breaking them down into doable smaller goals is key to staying focused on the finish line. Spending one day going through all of these steps and writing your detailed goal action plan will save you countless of wasted hours throughout the year.

What are your top 3 goals you would like to accomplish this year in your business? Let us know.

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