7 Clever Ways To Use Your Reviews

7 Clever Ways To Use Your Reviews In Your marketing Strategy

Online customer reviews are crucial when it comes to consumer purchasing decisions – in fact, they’re almost as trusted as personal recommendations. Typically, by the time someone has started looking at reviews, they’ve already figured out their need/want, and are now in the process of selecting a business or specific product.

Becuase of this, your reviews need to be seen! Make sure to show them off and that they are not missed with these 7 clever ways to use your reviews in your marketing strategy!

  1. On your website: There are multiple ways to add reviews to your website, in a very classy and sleek way. Consider having a page of reviews – set up in an eye-catching manner (like rotating images) and/or review excerpts on each page (i.e: bottom of page content). Make sure to also add a testimonial/review form on your website as well! According to Forbes, enabling customer reviews on your site can have a positive effect on your company’s organic search rankings in search engines. Each new review written about a product on your site increases the amount of unique content your site offers on that product, meaning you’ll be seen as having higher authority, more relevance, and, as such, a higher chance of getting those pages ranked.
  2. In marketing material: Printed marketing materials are a great place to showcase great reviews! Consider adding some of your best ones to pamphlets, product/service flyers, mailers, POS literature etc.
  3. On product packaging: While you don’t want to crowd your product packaging with multiple reviews, having one or two printed (i.e: under the product description – one in front and one in back) can definitely sway a sale when the customer is reading the package materials in-store.
  4. On your business cards: Of course, we don’t mean adding a full review to such a small space. Consider adding a QR code which will lead potential buyers to a beautiful website landing page, in which you showcase your products, services, and best reviews! People love being able to scan a QR code for more information.
  5. On promo videos: Video testimonials capture a genuine testimonial of your customers and their appreciation of your products and services. Ask some of your favorite customers to either allow you to film their testimonial OR collect (with permission) vlogger testimonials about your products/services and share those with your audience! Most customers and vloggers love having their content shared, as it promotes them as well. If your customer has their own business this can be noted or mentioned (i.e: Bill Smith – President of XYZ Builders) offering them some cross promotion. Promo videos can be shared all over social media, your website, a tv screen at a convention booth, commercials etc.
  6. In your email communication: Don’t be afraid to add a link to your reviews in your email or email signature! Have 5 stars on Yelp? Let people know! This is also a great way to ask those happy customers to check you out on Yelp.
  7. On social media: Create fun social media posts which showcase your reviews from all over the web! If you have a product or service that can showcase before and after results (like skin care) – add photos as well! Just make sure that you are not posting photos or sensitive information without the customers’ permission (especially if they wish to remain private).

97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017, with the top review searches being searched via Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Make sure you are asking your customers to check you out on Yelp. Then, use those reviews in your marketing strategy so you can stand out and maximize your sales!

What is your favorite method of using your customer reviews?

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