6 Types Of Emails You Can Send To Your Subscribers

Types Of Emails You Can Send To Your Subscribers

It’s important to always continue to grow your email subscriber list. It is equally as important to send them emails – this keeps you in their face. Whether you have a few email subscribers or thousands, sometimes it can be difficult to come up with ideas on what to send your subscribers and keep them interested in you and your business. While you don’t want to bombard your subscribers with constant emails, you should still try to make sure that you consistently reach out (ie: once a week, once a month or twice a month). Keep in mind, while it is okay to send more than one email a week – bombarding a persons email can result in higher unsubscribe rates.

Are you having trouble coming up with ideas on what exactly you can send your list? Are you in need of a few ideas? Here are 6 types of emails you can send your subscribers! And – if you need any help with your newsletter or email management – we can help!

Welcome Email:

You should always send a welcome email to new subscribers as soon as they sign up to your list!

Don’t worry – you don’t need to do this manually each time someone signs up! Email programs like MailChimp, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, etc. all have options to send automated messages. Create a short and sweet welcome email thanking them for their subscription. Feel free to include a short description of your business. Also, if they have signed up in response to an opt-in or “lead magnet” (content upgrade, free gift, document, video, item etc) you can attach these into the email as well.

Weekly Newsletter:

A newsletter is what most think of when you are planning to write to your list. Keep your subscribers up to date with a newsletter that includes your latest promos, new blog posts, upcoming events or new product launches. Keep people excited and interested – and remember, you do not always have to “sell” to get their attention. A newsletter is a great way to reach out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – but be as consistent as possible so that your subscribers can have a great idea as to when to expect your emails!

Giveaways & Freebies:

Who doesn’t love getting free things or entering a fun contest? These emails are GREAT “add-ons” to either your weekly newsletter or as an extra email during the week, to keep your readers excited. Make sure you come up with an attention-grabbing subject line letting them know that there is an amazing giveaway going on! Don’t forget – giveaways and freebies can sometimes go viral and help your list grow even more. One free product can end up in the hands of a person who follows you but has not yet purchased your products and can result in a loyal future customer.


Having a sale? Customers love to save and appreciate a heads up regarding any sales. Many customers even wait for sales in order to stock up and save. Make sure to market your sales to your readers – if possible find a way to offer your loyal subscribers either a special coupon code (where they save more) or special sales that are JUST FOR THEM. This will keep them on your list!

Thank You:

Never forget to thank your customers! You can send them a thank you email for purchasing, subscribing, and giving you feedback and other forms of interaction. Let them know that your relationship is important and that you want it to grow. These emails can also be sent via automation (ie after a purchase).


Customer input is CRUCIAL when growing your business, products, and services. A survey can offer you SO much input as to what your followers and fans love or hate. It is super valuable to get to know what products or services need attention or fixing and which ones are so great, you can possibly build a better service or product line around! Plus – you get to know your audience better! This doesn’t just help you in your market research; it forms a personal connection between you and the subscriber. How do you get your readers to actually take the time to fill out the survey? Offer an incentive for those that fill out the survey, like a coupon code with a discount on your product or a drawing for a free gift card!

Have you started reaching out to your subscriber list? Which emails have done best for you? Let us know in the comments below! If you are still wondering how to start building an email list, we’ve got you covered! Check this out.


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