6 Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement

Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement

Instagram is a competitive place and in order to get on the “Explore” page or the “Top Posts” of a hashtag to get found by others who are not already following you, you need to generate a ton of engagement (likes and comments).  While you may notice many accounts using automated bots to leave you comments and likes (because in return you may like their content or profile) – DON’T use the same tactic! You need to have genuine and authentic interaction on Instagram if you want genuine and authentic followers and engagement. Also, Instagram does not like “bots”. It actually violates their terms. Therefore, using bots will actually end up decreasing your visibility or even worse – it can get you BANNED.

So, how can you authentically grow your engagement – which will result in more views and more follows? Try these 6 tips to increase your Instagram engagement – the right way.

Say Hello

Have a few new followers? Say hello! Take a moment to click on their profile and check out one of their latest photos and thank them for the recent follow while complementing the photo. Also, make sure to pick 2 or 3 recent photos of theirs to “like” (pick a few you genuinely like). This helps build friendship and relationships.

While some new followers may be using their own follow bot service (in which they are following you for only 24 to 48 hours in hopes you will just follow them back), you may actually get their attention and a few may decide to stay. Don’t worry if they don’t – these accounts are mass following and unfollowing accounts in order to build their own accounts. And, it’s not the most well-liked way of doing so. Many Instagram users hate the follow/unfollow method and will call you out on it if you do so. So remember – be authentic.

Remember – you don’t need to follow everyone back – but if there are a few accounts you feel you connect to, make sure to follow them back and stay in contact when possible (with likes and comments).

Respond To Comments

Acknowledge all comments left on your content. This means – comment back and say thanks, or answer a question the person may have etc. This will keep you on their mind (when they see the notification of your response) and may allow more interaction and engagement.   Again, while some comments are left by Instagram bots (so the user doesn’t even know they specifically left you a comment) – when you respond the real person behind the account (not the bot) actually sees it and may click on it and end up actually looking through your account. If they like what they see, they may become followers.

Leave Genuine and Meaningful Feedback

Take time (best if it is at least once a day – but you can do this even once a week if you have no time) to go through photos of followers AS WELL AS people who don’t follow you and leave genuine and authentic comments and feedback on their photos. This will keep you engaged with your current following as well as help you gain new followers. When looking for new followers – look at accounts of people you can picture as an ideal customer. You can do this easily via search keywords or hashtags. Don’t leave simple comments like “Cool” – take time to find something you like about their photo and let them know – you don’t have to go into huge detail, just make the comment meaningful.

Like A lot Of Photos

Just like the point made above – make sure you are actively looking for your ideal customer and finding those who may not be currently searching for you through the hashtags you’re probably using. Go through these accounts, and like a few of their photos (leave a comment on at least one if not more). Just remember not to go too crazy liking too many photos at once. Instagram will find it odd if you suddenly pop on an go through 50 accounts and start liking 100 photos in the next half hour – and they may actually ban you from liking or commenting for 24 hours (they will think you are using a bot to mass-like peoples content for exposure). Do this sparingly throughout the day.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are extremely useful for boosting your engagement. If a post isn’t performing that well, and you post to Instagram Stories, it can result in increased Instagram engagement. Plus – Instagram just added IGTV, which allows creators to make longer video content. (Think of it as Instagram’s own YouTube) You can do fun things like DIY videos, interviews, behind the scenes, instructional videos / free courses, event promotions and more.

Call To Action / Ask Questions

Do you have something you want your readers to do when they see your post? Do you have a link you want them to visit, a book you want them to download or better yet (for engagement purposes)  a question you want them to answer? Include a questions/call to action in each post. Don’t worry if you are not getting responses! You need to train your audience to respond so this may take time and that is okay!

While every post should have a call to action (i.e: click on the link in our bio for more information) – make sure that you throw in a few posts in which you ask questions with the sole intent of engagement on that post. If you need ideas on questions you can ask – check out our 57 Fun Questions To Ask Your Followers + Boots Engagement


Remember, engagement can take time to build – don’t stress out if it goes slowly. Eventually through time, if you are authentically building your accounts followers and engagement – you rates will soar and you WILL be seen.  Also, Keep in mind that Instagram is a visual platform – make sure that you are uploading well thought out (edited if needed) photos and continue posting daily. If you need help managing your social media – you can give us a call.

What strategies do you use to organically build your Instagram account? Let us know in the comments below!


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