6 Recent Changes to LinkedIn That You Will Love

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If you are on LinkedIn often, you may have noticed a few changes in the past few months. LinkedIn is working hard at rolling out features that will make your B2B networking or job hunting much easier.  However, not all updates have been rolled out publicly just yet. While most may already be available, a few are coming soon.

Today we are sharing with you 6 recent changes to LinkedIn that you will love.

  1. Main feed: The main feed is following Facebook’s lead and is filled with, trending stories, algorithms, and you can unfollow and hide posts easily. LinkedIn is also improving its search interface so it’s easier to find jobs, people, companies, and other parts of the social network.
  2. Messaging: LinkedIn messaging now has a new feature that allows you to use a ”suggested response”. This is super helpful in getting back to people quickly without just ignoring the message.
  3. Multiple photos: You can now easily share multiple photos at the same time on a LinkedIn update post instead of just one photo. This is a great feature for those who want to share their brand, talent and events.
  4. Video: Yes, you heard that right! We have said time after time how video is the way to go on social networks and LinkedIn does not want to be left behind. Users will be able to record video directly on the LinkedIn app and share it across their network. It is believed that video posts may get priority on feeds – however there has been no confirmation of this (although – sites like Facebook already do give these video posts priority in feeds – it would only make sense for LinkedIn to follow).
  5. Sharing: You can now share articles posted on LinkedIn outside of it’s network. Why is this an awesome update? Well, because before if you found something very interesting and shared the link on a network like Facebook – LInkedIn required that person to log into or create a LinkedIn profile.They have decided to do away with this, as it may bring more visitors to their site.
  6. Turn off comments: When you publish content on LinkedIn, you will now be able to decide if you would like to turn off the commenting section – which will help eliminate spam, trolls, and harassment.

If you have not logged into LinkedIn for some time, this may all look new to you. Hop on over and give the new features a try and let us know what you think! Do you like the new updates and features?

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