6 Items To Include In Every Blog Post

Items To Include In Every Blog Post

Google loves fresh content! Therefore, it goes without saying that every business should include a regularly updated blog on their website! Blog posts should always consist of valuable and useful information for your reader, and it should be interesting to read. However, in order to make your blog posts successful, there are 6 elements each post should include. These items will not only make you shine in front of your readers but they will also help you greatly on Google and other search engines!

A great title with keywords

Your title needs to grab peoples attention! Put some thought into each title and make sure you add keywords! A great title with keywords is a huge factor for great SEO if you want to be found on Google and Pinterest.

A great way to make sure you are creating powerful, click-worthy post titles is by using CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer (free). Just enter the title and it will give you a score and even give you advice on how to make it better!

Keywords in your content

The body of your content should include keywords and keyword phrases! This will be super beneficial for SEO purposes.  Along with Keyword research – make sure you take some time to give detailed answers to questions you notice that pop up when you Google the topic you are writing about. The more information you provide in regards to your topic and keywords, the more Google will boost your ranking on its search!


Images grab attention! If you are talking about your products or services (new, recommended, sales etc) and you don’t have images available, then you may want to make sure you set up a photo shoot. If you can’t do that (maybe it’s unaffordable) don’t fret! You can get amazing quality photos with good lighting, a white backdrop,  and a smartphone! Also, you can always use stock images as long as they are properly licensed. You can either purchase stock images from websites like Shutterstock or you can use free stock images from sources that offer proper licenses for use. You can find free stock image websites here.  Don’t forget to always add a “featured image” on your blog post as well. This image will show up when your blog post is shared and linked!

Including images in your blog post will help break up some of the text and make a more enjoyable reading experience.

Section Titles – with keywords

Readers love to skim content! Breaking up your content into sections and Including section headers make it easier for them to find the information they are looking for, quickly! This is also a great addition to your SEO! Make sure to use “headers”!

Links to related blog posts you’ve written

Linking back to your older, related blog posts gives your readers additional information. However, it is also a huge plus for you! It will keep readers on your website and it will bring traffic to older posts that are archived. If your older blog post needs updates then make sure to go back and edit those as well.  You should always link to relevant content on your website!

A call-to-action or closing question

You should always include a call to action or a question at the end of your blog posts. This will help Start up a conversation and get your audience engaged and it prompts them to take an action (like purchasing a product, signing up for your newsletter or sharing your content).

These 6 items should be included in every blog post you write! If you would like more information on SEO, click here or give us a call! Is there a particular item you found on the list above that you have not considered when writing a blog post? Let us know in the comments below!


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