51 Ways To Stay Creative (Even If You Think You Are Not Creative)


Let’s be honest – generating creative, fresh and new ideas on a daily basis (for your business, marketing, social media, blog content, etc.) can be difficult. This is why so many of us may think we simply lack creativity, however, we need to remember that creativity comes slowly; it’s a process and you have to nurture it. Creative ideas often come to you when you are least expecting. Believe it or not, everyone is creative – different people have different kinds of creativity and processes.

Today, we wanted to help you get those creative juices flowing, so we are sharing a list of 51 ways to stay creative! Remember, creative brilliance comes from constant practice! You are more creative than you think!

1) Carry a notebook everywhere (and keep one on your nightstand!) or get an app like Evernote on your phone/tablet and record every exciting note, thought and idea you have – as they come. Write down the stories of where your best ideas came from (or save the links to any websites you can refer back to)
2) Make lists! Take time to review your lists and notes weekly and prioritize some of your best ideas you can start to test and implement.
3) Listen to new music! Yes, this can inspire you!
4) Take risks
5) Create a vision board/inspiration board and keep it in a highly visible place
6) Allow yourself to make mistakes
7) Declutter your workspace
8) Watch motivational speeches and video clips
9) Break your routine
10) Collaborate with others
11) Learn new skills – take classes, sign up for webinars or online courses
12) Create daily and/or weekly challenges for yourself
13) Take notes from your competitors (but don’t copy them)
14) Let go of fear
15) Turn off all distractions
16) Get plenty of rest (take naps)
17) Take time to have FUN
18) Get feedback (and don’t take it personally – criticism can be constructive)
19) Take breaks
20) Try new things and visit new places
21) Do not compare yourself to others
22) Get a new hobby
23) Finish a project you have been putting off
24) Socialize
25) Create a space that motivates or inspires you
26) Try free writing
27) Dedicate 15 minutes every day to brainstorming
28) Ask other people their perspective on a subject
29) Write down ten solutions to a problem (ignoring whether they’re good or bad solutions)
30) Create something in a genre or style you wouldn’t typically create
31) Create templates from your favorite pieces of art (stories, songs, works of art, designs, etc.)
32) Create a playlist which communicates the emotion of the project you’re working on, and use it as a soundtrack while creating
33) Create something just for fun
34) Work outside of your usual workspace (go to a park or new coffee shop etc.)
35) Remove all rules and restrictions
36) Take a day off from all technology
37) Spend time alone with just yourself and a notebook
38) Stop over-thinking while being creative
39) Stop aiming for perfection!
40) Go for a walk without music
41) Go somewhere with old architecture
42) Meet with creative people
43) Seek out people whom you respect and ask them lots of questions
44) Learn a new word each day
45) Observe someone else being creative
46) Do something you did for fun when you were young
47) Make a list of your favorite things you’ve created
48) Get a coach
49) Create an improved version of a previous project
50) Read all the time (books, blogs, articles, etc.)
51) Create a tutorial on how to make something

We hope that these tips can help you build a practice of daily creativity. What do you do to stay creative? Let us know in the comments below!

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