5 Reasons Every Realtor Needs a Website

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As you may know by now, the search and buying process for just about any product or service – happens on the internet. Real estate is no different. Whether it’s to find an agent, view listings or educate themselves about real estate, home buyers are exploring online content more frequently to find what they need.

Having a clean, eye-catching website with great content makes it easier to connect with potential clients! If you are a Real Estate agent or Realtor and do not have a website yet, or have a very outdated website – it is time for a change! A website can change the game for you, and we are here to tell you why!

5 Reasons Every Realtor Needs a Website

  1. First Time Home Buyers: Most first time home buyers are not only looking for a beautiful home (showcased on your website), they also want as much information as possible about buying their first home! Having a website with a blog can drive those potential buyers your way! Providing readers with tons of valuable content regarding the buying process, incentives and more will keep them engaged and coming back. This means when they are ready to buy – they will call you – their trusted source of information!
  2. Local Searches: A major advantage of having a website is that it allows home buyers to quickly and easily seek out agents and/or properties by location. Having a personalized website enables you to optimize for any local searches home buyers choose to conduct. Make sure your website SEO and metadata include local keywords (and again, great blog content)  and you can potentially skyrocket as a realtor in your area. If you need help with SEO, we can help!
  3. Generate Leads: Your website should include easy ways for customers to contact you! The easier it is to contact you (and get a fast response), the higher chance they will not skip and look for another agent. Online contact forms are amazing contact tools for buyers or even sellers who come to your site and are interested in learning more about your services. Each time a form is completed, you will receive an email notification so that no lead goes unnoticed. Just make sure to stay on top of these responses!
  4. Establish Your Personal Brand: While it is important to share your industry expertise, it is equally as important to share your personality, or, personal brand. Customers are looking for someone they feel they can TRUST – after all, they are making a huge leap into buying or selling a home! Having a website is a great way to differentiate yourself from competing real estate professionals and connect with prospective clients on a deeper level.  An agent website offers a great platform for sharing who you are, what you value, and anything else that makes you unique or relatable. A personal website is a great way to create an “About” section and let potential customers get to know you better! What can you add to an “About Me” page?
    • Personal information you would like prospects to know.
    • How many years of experience you have in real estate.
    • What your core values are.
    • What makes you passionate about real estate.
    • Who your ideal home buyers are (i.e. first-timers, families, singles, empty-nesters).
    • A photo of yourself (and a family photo – if you would like to appeal to families)
  5. Testimonials: According to Forbes, “enabling customer reviews on your site can have a positive effect on your company’s organic search rankings in search engines. Each new review written about a product on your site increases the amount of unique content your site offers on that product, meaning you’ll be seen as having higher authority, more relevance, and, as such, a higher chance of getting those pages ranked.”  Testimonials from past clients to help verify your reputation, as well as links to your social media channels. A website allows you to showcase these testimonials!

As you can see, a website can be very beneficial to you – the real estate agent.  If you do not have one yet, you have definitely been missing out on tons of potential leads. If you have a website but it is outdated and not “eye-catching”, you could be turning clients away! Let’s be honest – most of us leave pages that look like they were coded in the 90’s or early 2000’s.  If you are ready to build a new website OR revamp your existing one – we can help!

Introducing Demo Agent!


With a new, beautiful and responsive website you can easily generate business, provide informative content & blog posts to your clients, post testimonials, stay in touch with clients & prospects and most importantly – showcase your listings and SELL!

 For a low monthly fee, we can provide you with a clean, professional and responsive website that includes:

  • Website with back-end access to edit content, add properties
  • Support
  • Domain name
  • Email account
  • Web hosting
  • SSL certificate

Month to month – No setup fees & no contracts!

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Showcase Your Listings

Add Testimonials

Provide Valuable Blog Content

Add an “About Me” Page

Provide Clients With An Easy To Use Contact Form


Demo Agent was made just for you – The Rockin’ Realtor!  Make sure to check out the LIVE DEMO and let us know what you think!

Are you ready to get started? Have a few questions? Comment below or contact us!!



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