5 Important Reasons To Build An Email list

Important Reasons To Build An Email list

One of the biggest mistakes a business usually makes is not taking the time to build their email list. Imagine for one minute that Facebook (or any/all other social media platform you use for business) decides to close down or remove your business account. It’s gone. All of your contacts – gone. All of the people you were engaging with – gone. All of your promotions and sales – no one will see them anymore, they are – gone! If you had built an email list – the contacts would have been yours to keep and you could continue reaching out to them. But, without a list, you are now back at square one. An email list is very important and it belongs to you or your business. If you have not started building your email list, it’s time to start! You should also begin encouraging prospective subscribers (on social media, in-store and online visitors) to sign up by offering an incentive (free printable, % off next purchase etc). Today we are going over 5 important reasons you should build an email list, in hopes that we inspire those who have not done so yet – to start!


We mentioned above that if you were to lose your social media platform, you would lose your followers (aka contacts).  While you may think that may never happen, just know this – social media platforms own all of the content and accounts. They can shut down an account or the whole platform for any reason (or none at all). You don’t want all of your eggs in one basket! Unlike social media – your email list won’t go away. It is YOURS. The key is to treat your list as your friends. Let them feel free to write to you anytime. Build trust with them, nurture the list and send them valuable info and offers they can’t get elsewhere.

Ramp Up The Revenue

“The money is in the list”. Yes! Companies or business owners who have built a successful email list will tell you that is a true statement! In fact, email lists can have a higher conversion rate compared to blog posts, social media and so on. Use your email list to let your readers know about new promos, new products or even just new blog posts. Remember to offer them valuable information so they want to read it then make sure to always add links (and promo photos) to products, sales etc. This will drive your email readers to click on the links and possibly purchase or contact you to inquire (in which you can make the sale). Your email subscribers already like what you have to offer – that’s why they allow you to stay in their email inbox! Keep them interested in awesome emails! Email lists will increase revenue!

Boost Traffic

People don’t always know when you have made changes to your website or added a new blog post, etc. Send out an email to your subscribers to let them know they should visit your website and check out the new informative blog or video you just posted. Your emails can be easily customized to include the reader’s name (or other personal information you collect), so it’s a nicer and more personal way to reach out to them, build trust and drive traffic to your website. Remember that not everyone follows social media or many times people may miss social media posts. If those people subscribe to your emails – they will not miss out on the exciting information you have to offer and they will have higher chances of clicking to see more! (Don’t forget to always add LINKS!)


Email lists are a great way to engage with your fans. Let them know in the email how they can contact you directly (or your staff) if needed and let them know that their feedback is valuable to you. While most people go to social media to engage quickly – your readers will know that they can send you a reply or direct email response and have their issues or concerns taken care of. If you can build trust then you will build genuine loyalty.

Target audience

This is one of the most important points! Unlike social media – your email list is very precise in regards to your target audience. The people who subscribe to your list are those that are interested in what you are offering, from the start. Also, they subscribed because there is something that they already love about your business. These are your most loyal fans! This makes your email marketing very effective (and accurate). Their feedback is also highly valuable because, again, they are already in your target audience! These are the customers and clients you seek when creating your marketing and more! They are your “tribe” – your perfect prospect! An email list will help you to connect with your tribe in a more efficient way. Having direct access to contact your target audience at any time is GOLD!

Need a few ideas or tips?

Are you ready to start building (or expanding) your email list? Need a few tips to learn how to get people to sign up to your email list? You can check out our tips HERE. You can also get a few ideas on different types of emails you can send your subscribers, HERE!

Have you built your email list? Let us know what you send your subscribers in the comments below!

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