4 Free + Awesome Ways To Repurpose Blog Content

repurpose content

Creating content is crucial for your website (helps your SEO) as well as for your digital marketing. However, it takes time to develop new content and yet most businesses never take advantage of reusing their older content – and all of that work gets buried and lost. Promoting and re-using old content can work to your benefit! It not only ensures you’re maximizing your previous efforts – but it also allows you to add to your digital marketing strategy. Don’t forget there are many people who may not have discovered your content and may love finding the amazing and informative article you wrote a year ago. If you have older, relevant and informative blog posts from the past, it is time to start dusting them off and making them drive traffic to your business!

Today we are going over 4 FREE + awesome ways you can repurpose your older articles and blog content to ensure you get the most benefit from your efforts.

Convert your post into a video

You can do this yourself with video editing software or you can use free programs like Lumen5. (Lumen5 offers free and paid services)

Lumen5 will convert your blog posts into videos!  Enter a blog post or RSS feed and the Lumen5 artificial intelligence system will help you summarize the content and match each scene with relevant videos, photos, and music. It is easy to edit yourself as well! Share and syndicate the video on YouTube, Facebook, etc. and make sure to add a link to your blog post or website!

Live Content

Go over an older (or recent) blog post on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and IGTV. Simply set up your phone, computer and a tablet – have each device on a different live stream to do this all at once (or record a live session for each separately) and go over the content of the blog post with your followers.

You do not have to read it word for word. In fact, its probably better if you just wing it and go over it. Talk about why you wrote it and wanted to share the information, share any related stories or case studies and send them to the website to read it in full! If you have a lead magnet, like a free checklist or printable – make sure to promote it and get them to your website!

Don’t worry if no one gets on your live stream – the video will remain and they can watch it later!

Start a  podcast

Busy people love listening to podcasts – and this is a great way to grab their attention! By converting your articles and blog posts into podcasts, you are making it easier for people to listen to you on the go – in their car, at the gym, while they wait in a long line of cars to pick up their kids from school, etc.

Podcasting is easy – simply download the free app “Anchor” on your phone.  You can visit Anchor.fm to download directly from their site (or look for Anchor in the app store). Anchor allows you to record or upload high-quality audio, host unlimited episodes, and distribute everywhere with just one click – from anywhere! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s never been a better way to podcast. You can also update your articles and blog posts and embed your podcast there so people can listen without having to leave your site. Grab the embed code from your Anchor web profile or from your dashboard on the web. Anchor also allows you to make a transcribed video (under 3 minutes) to share on social!

Convert it into a lead magnet

Converting your blog posts and articles into a PDF can become a great lead magnet for your website! Have a few articles in your archives that can get put together as a handy manual or report? You can create e-books, checklists, resource guides, workbooks using free programs like Beacon.by  (*Beacon does have both free and paid subscriptions) Beacon can automatically convert your existing blog posts into lead magnets so you can generate more leads without having to write content. Beacon integrates directly with the tools you are already using like WordPress, HubSpot, and MailChimp.

Once you have created your lead magnet – promote it on social media, your sidebar, a pop-up or a landing page and offer it as a free gift in exchange for the person’s name and email address. This will help build your email subscriber list and keep those people informed about your products and services – which can bring in more sales in the long run!

Do you reuse or repurpose your blog content? Let us know in the comments below!

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