3 Simple Ways to Improve the Layout of Your Website

3 Simple Ways to Improve the Layout of Your Website

Many features go into creating a great website. The right wording must be used to create the proper tone, and the added features must help hold the attention of those who visit the site. Below are three tips that a website builder can utilize to improve any website.

Logical Format

Good common sense should be employed when laying out a website. The titles of the different pages should be clear and arranged in an order that is easy to follow. If a website includes complex instructions or convoluted material, the information presented should be broken down into small paragraphs with concise headings to keep readers on track.

Easy to Read Fonts

Another issue that plagues websites is the excessive use of fonts. Use of too many fonts makes a website appear chaotic and disorganized. Some fonts that appear creative and artistic in a blank document can be hard to read when used on a website. It is much better to employ one or two simple fonts throughout, and provide variation in the text with different size lettering, bolding, italics and shading.

Careful Use of Color

Adding color to a website is a sure way to hold a reader’s attention. However, some website designers do not take care to ensure that the text and the background colors are sufficiently different. Text that blends into a background panel or photograph can be frustrating for readers. As with too many different fonts, using too many colors on a single page can distract visitors instead of encouraging them to pay attention to the information presented.

The main reason that people build and maintain websites is to easily and conveniently disperse information. Keeping these tips in mind can help website creators reduce clutter and make their sites more user-friendly so that readers will be better able to focus on the information the website conveys.

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