20+ Essentials To Rock Your Next Trade Show


There is nothing worse than showing up to a tradeshow and realizing you have forgotten essential items, especially if you are out of town! Trade shows get busy and hectic and you need to not only be prepared – you need to stand out!

If you are planning on exhibiting your business at a trade show, make sure you go over our list of essentials so you can rock your next trade show!

For your booth

Business cards & holders: Stock up on your business cards and make sure you bring a few business card holders for them as well, so they are neatly displayed! Hand out your contact information to as many qualified leads as you can. If you need to print new cards – we can help!

Signage/displays: You need to stand out! This means you need beautiful visuals! Fabric tube displays are the perfect signage for your tradeshow! They are printed individually on 9oz Premium Polyester fabric using the dye sublimation process. The two panels are then sewn together and slip over the stand’s frame to create a double-sided display sure to attract attention.

Did you know, we can print these displays for you? Yes, we can and they are available in 3 sizes (24″ x 90″, 36″ x 90″, 48″ x 90″) and include a carrying case for easier travel.

Printed marketing: Do you have brochures, postcards, flyers etc? Believe it or not, those get accidentally left behind more often than not!

Giveaways & promotional items: Everyone loves a giveaway, even if it’s just a pen with your company information. Bring along a container to hold/display your items (candy dish, pen cup, large glass bowl etc). Also, think of fun games or contests you can hold each day! This is a great way for getting people to give you their information in return for a prize!

Bowl for business cards: Bring a large bowl or box where you can place all of the business cards you receive from others. Keep this in your personal items and not on your table (where it will be confused) UNLESS you place a sign letting others know that they can place their contact info/card in the bowl. Keep everyone’s information in one place to take back to the office for follow-ups.

Name tags: Many tradeshows will provide these for your employees – on their passes. Just in case, you may want to consider ordering your own.

Furniture: Always verify with the trade show as to what is provided for you, the exhibitor. You may need extra tables and chairs or you may want to change the whole decor in general! And, don’t forget table linens!

Office Supplies: Don’t forget your office essentials!!

  • Pens/pencils (stock up!)
  • Scissors
  • Sharpies
  • Notepads & Post Its
  • Rubber bands
  • Paper clips
  • Stapler
  • Tape

Technology: Make sure you have packed up all of your technology essentials – and make sure they work before you pack them! 

  • Computer/TV/iPad/tablet
  • Computer/iPad/tablet charger
  • Appropriate cords to connect a computer to TV/monitor – It’s so frustrating when you have put in all the work to have a great presentation and you can’t show it to anyone because your HDMI cord is in your office – 100 miles away
  • Extension cords (more than one)

Presentation/video/media – If you are going to play any sort of media – make sure you bring that along with you (yes, it’s obvious but forgotten more than you think!) Also, make sure that your booth has power and internet provided! This is sometimes an “extra” option for booths.

Miscellaneous Supplies

Safety Pins: Whether its to fix linens in your booth or because an employee of yours has a wardrobe malfunction – be prepared and carry a few safety pins!

Snacks: Keeping all of your employees fed and watered will help keep them energized, hydrated and at the top of their game.

Gum/Breath Mints: You and your employees will be talking to many people, and you don’t want prospects to remember you as the person with the really bad breath!

Hand Sanitizer: You are going to shake hundreds of hands today, sanitize before you eat that snack.

Wire or String: Sometimes hanging up signage can be a challenge.

Zip Ties: These help keep computer wires looking nice and comes in super handy when packing up at the end of the trade show!

Comfortable Shoes: If you insist on wearing heels or dressy uncomfortable shoes- bring a pair of comfy backup shoes! Tradeshows involve lots of standing and walking – and you do not want to be uncomfortable – prospects will sense your bad mood! Also, don’t forget – you will need to set up and tear down your booth and you don’t want to do that in uncomfortable shoes.

Photos/Mock-ups of Your Assembled Booth: Have a mock-up or use photos of past booths you may have had for an easier setup. This will make it easier on colleagues who are helping you set up your booth, so they know where everything goes!

First Aid Kit: Bandaids, over the counter pain relievers (Advil, ibuprofen), saline wash etc. You never know when you may need any of those items.

Remember, your booth needs to stand out at a tradeshow and attract prospects. Don’t skimp out on visuals – especially eye-catching banners,  signs, and displays! If you are interested in learning more about fabric tube displays or if you would like for us to provide a quote for new business cards and other printed marketing materials – give us a call!

Are you planning on attending a trade-show soon? We would love to know about it in the comments below!

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