16 easy ideas for engaging video content

easy ideas for engaging video content

If you have been keeping up with our blog posts, you may remember that last month, we explained  8 reasons you should be using video for your business.  We noticed that got some wheels turning with readers, which is awesome! However, we know that sometimes trying to figure out exactly what to create can be difficult.

Today, we would like to help give you some video content ideas – just in case you needed a few tips to hit the ground running!

Are you ready to rock your video content? Perfect! Here are 16 easy ideas for engaging video content that you can implement today.

  1. How-to video: People love to see exactly how to do something rather than just be told. Show your viewers just how easy it is to use your products (or something related to your product niche). You can also demonstrate what “not” to do with the product (or service). Remember: It’s ok to make the videos (especially the “what not to do” portions) a little comical/sarcastic; this will keep the viewers engaged.
  2. Conduct an interview: Having an interview with industry expert or peer is always beneficial to your audience. This also makes for a fantastic YouTube/Facebook Live event which would allow your followers/audience to submit their own questions as well! If you make this a live video event, make sure to come up with a unique hashtag so that people can submit their questions directly to the live feed.
  3. Tour your office: Give your viewers a quick (but fun) tour of your office and a little behind the scenes look. If you have recently remodeled or moved to a better location, you can make this a before and after video as well!
  4. Publicity stunt: You have to get real creative here but if done right you will catch lots of attention (and shares). Brainstorm some fun ideas with your staff (think: hidden camera) and surprise people all while catching it on video. Make sure it’s fun or a feel-good story/idea. Need inspiration? Think about those awesome “Helpful Honda” guy commercials.
  5. Tips + tricks: Do you have some great tips or tricks that would benefit your audience? Make a short and fun video sharing it and post away on social media!
  6. Parody video: Remember the song “Call me maybe”? Just about everyone made a great parody video out of it, while it was hot. If you can think of an awesome creative twist to a new “craze” (new & trending song, TV show, movie etc.) – strike while the iron is hot! These are always fun and usually go viral!
  7. Share a big announcement: Have exciting news to share? Yes, you can post about it but why not add a short video announcement? Remember – Google and social media love video content. This is sure to get you many more clicks than just announcing on a post.
  8. Share how your product is made: Give customers a behind-the-scenes look at how a product is manufactured or made (without giving away any trade secrets, that is).
  9. Screen-share: Use a video tool like QuickTime or Jing from TechSmith to record a demonstration or how-to video to walk customers/viewers through the process of using a computer program. For example, if you wanted to teach your audience how to quickly edit a photo using photoshop, you can create a tutorial which will show them the whole process from your own computer screen!
  10. Create a time-lapse: Working on a project that takes quite a bit of time? Set up your camera and film the process and progress over time. When you upload your video, speed it up and share it!
  11. Thank your audience: Did you recently host a highly successful event or a contest? Maybe you just launched a new product and you sold out in record time? Create a video and thank your customers and audience!
  12. Answer FAQ’s: Having an FAQ page setup on your website is fantastic! However, some people skim through and don’t always find the answer to their questions. If you want to liven it up a bit, record a video to answer those same questions. Video also allows you to speak a bit more in depth on some topics without having a long drawn out written response.
  13. Take your viewers with you to an event: If you are attending or hosting an event, don’t shy away from recording it. You can later edit the video and show just how fun or informational it was. This also is a great idea for live video feeds. Your audience will love feeling like they are there with you and engaging with you in some live chat.
  14. Prove or disprove something: I’m sure most of you have heard of the show Myth Busters, right? (Don’t worry, you don’t need to blow things up) think along the lines of this concept – If there is an industry myth you can test, prove, disprove etc., this makes for an interesting video.
  15. Product Review: Many YouTuber’s like to purchase “as seen on TV” products and test them out on video to prove or disprove If they work as great as the commercials say. If there is a new product or service available in your industry – review it and let others know what you think. For example, if you are a doctor, you can show your audience the pro’s and con’s regarding a new medical device. Videos like this are searched for often when people are making buying decisions!
  16. Share your opinion on a popular topic: Is there a topic that is trending in your industry? Record your opinion and let others know what your take on it is! (Make sure it relates to your industry)

Video content may feel a bit scary at first, but we are sure that this list will help get you started. Pick one or two of your favorites and brainstorm with your team/staff. Remember, your video is an amazing visual marketing tool – make it lighthearted and fun whenever possible.

If you are already doing videos – feel free to share them with us by commenting below.

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