12 tips to finding clients in Facebook Groups

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Customers are everywhere, you just have to know where to look and what to do! Facebook has become so huge, that just about everyone has an active Facebook profile.

Groups on Facebook are a GREAT way to meet and/or network with others. FInding a group is easy – just enter what kind of group you are looking for (keywords) in the Facebook search bar and click the “groups” tab. Voila! However, starting your own facebook group is a also great idea if you would like to establish some trust, following and authority in your niche, on Facebook.

People are looking for Facebook groups to help them with problems or to get advice. You can literally find a group on just about any topic! Whether it’s a neighborhood group, fitness motivation, illness support, business owner support, advice, mom or dad groups, etc – you WILL find it on Facebook! If you are looking to start your own group – DON’T WORRY if there’s another out there like yours. Start it anyways. If you are joining in other groups not created by you – Please remember to read their rules and follow them.

So how do you use Facebook groups to help you find customers? Here are 12 tips to get you started!


Start your own group and make sure you are available often to all the new people who join!  Be consistent and stay focused. You will have to put some work and time in the beginning for your group to grow. You need to nurture your group for a few months before you see any return for that investment of time. Give tons of advice, support, tips and value multiple times a day, every single day, to everyone in your group that you can help. Focus on growing your group to at least 500 members, at which point you can also add an admin/moderator to help you and cut back a bit on how much time you have to be in there.

One of the ways to promote your own group is in OTHER Facebook groups. Just remember to ask those group admins if it is okay and if it is, make sure that you give people a REALLY good reason to join. (are you solving a problem for them?)


Aim to participate in 2-3 Facebook groups, 3-5 times a day, every single day.

(You can post a bit less on the weekends, but try to at least post once per day). If you want others to remember who you are, show up and chat regularly!


You will usually notice some of the same ‘ol regular faces chatting daily. Reach out to people who’s posts you’ve been following and/or you enjoy. Don’t talk about yourself until they ask. At that point, you can briefly mention what you do (one – liner). This is you planting a seed. Become their friends and let the seed grow on its own from there.


Tips, strategies, hacks, advice etc – don’t be afraid to give these out freely to members of the group!  Help your ideal clients solve their problems. Show them what is possible when they do the work.

P.S. – This is also how you position yourself as the expert.


Make a habit of searching for keywords, in at least 2 – 3 groups you enjoy,  every day that pertain to your business. For example, if you’re a Chiropractor, you could search for keywords such as “back pain” and “chiropractic” and “massage”. These searches can lead you to posts where ideal clients are looking for help. Position yourself as the expert. This is the #1 way to get clients. Don’t promote your website or offer your services to them unless they ask. Just help.


Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to own up to them and take responsibility. People respect the fact that you can take responsibility for a mistake. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Be your true self.  Don’t be like everyone else. That will NOT get you clients. Share your experiences, what you learned, how it changed you. And watch the support roll in.


Don’t be shy! We have already told you a few times that you should be utilizing video – use it on Facebook. Yes – you can record a status update, question, or Q&A on a Facebook group status. In fact – a FB Live video is a FANTASTIC way to get your expertise out there and answer questions for other members. Just remember:

  1. Make sure if it is NOT your group page, that it is allowed (if it is not – please reserve this for your own group)
  2. Make it short and sweet (1 to 5 minutes – unless it is a Facebook Live Q&A feed, which can go longer)

This must be done in your own group – unless the groups you have joined are okay with self promotion (please re-read their rules). When you’re looking to make some quick cash, a great thing that you can do is offer a “flash sale” on a service that you provide. For example, if you are a fitness instructor you can offer a flash sale on a 1-hour training session.


Any time you promote an offer, whether it’s for a service or product remember to use some form of scarcity. Limit the number of spots available for a class or webinar or free session. Or limit the quantity of products you will be selling at the discounted price.  Have a certain cut-off date for sign ups and/or purchases. Limited offers / products / services etc forces people to act quickly. If they have too much time to think about something, they may end up talking themselves out of it, even if it could really help them.


Challenges work! Consider hosting a challenge of your own over the course of 3-7 days. Give tons of value during the time of the challenge (which would be hosted in your own Facebook group or other groups) and on the last day of the challenge, present an offer that relates to the challenge content. Just think creatively – for example:

  • 1 week fitness challenge
  • 5 day writers challenge
  • 1 month photography challenge
  • 1 week design challenge etc.

A really great way to get engagement on your posts in groups is to ask questions. They can be related to your business or not. Sometimes, just a fun and random question or game can really help get the group chatting. (i.e: What is your favorite tv show, If you had to pick a movie title for your life story, what would it be? And who would play you in the movie? What is your least favorite feature on Facebook? Fill in the blank: ________________ always makes me feel inspired) Try to stay away from controversial topics or questions, so arguments do not start within the group.


Chances are you have (or will) be in a situation where you’ll be in a conversation with an ideal client but the time won’t be right for them to hire you right then and there. Stay in touch with them and check in on them every once in awhile. Keep the relationship friendly and ask them about how they are doing before you try to bring up any overly salesy conversation.

Keep the conversation going – let us know what Facebook groups you have started by commenting below.

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