10 Post Ideas For Your Facebook Business Page

Post Ideas For Your Facebook Business Page

Engaging content is a key factor when it comes to getting noticed on Facebook (or any other social media platform). Engagement on a post creates a buzz around your content but most importantly it alerts the social media platform that people are interested in your content. When the platform notices interest and engagement, your content gets a boost in placement, meaning it gets seen more!

Today, we are going over 10 post ideas for your Facebook business page that will help you get more engagement and more views!

Share a video

We’ve said it time and time again – the video is the best kind of post you can create. Don’t worry if you are shy… you don’t even need to get in front of a camera to do this! You can make videos using product images or information pulled from a previous blog post, etc! Check out this article to learn how to repurpose content. In it, we share some great free links to software that will easily help you create videos from your website content!

Share Your Blogs & Articles

Share your blog and article content with the world! However, don’t share it once and forget about it! Make sure you are going back to it regularly (or every few weeks) and creating a new post around it. Remember, people who discover your page days or weeks after a post may not have seen it. There is always someone new who could benefit from the valuable information in the article. Share, re-share and repurpose!

Everyone loves a deal

Have a promotion, sale or incentive you can promote? Create an eye-catching visual (graphic or video) and let everyone know! If you offer newsletter subscribers incentives – you can also promote your newsletter subscription. Make sure you emphasize on the specials that are only offered to subscribers. You will build your subscriber list at the same time resulting in more future sales!

Milestones & Special News

Has your business hit an awesome milestone that you can let everyone know about? Maybe you received a special award, completed a goal (served over 2,000 happy customers), or maybe you simply just hit 5,000 followers on social media? Whatever it is, it is okay to boast a bit and let your followers know how awesome you are! Feel free to celebrate with a special contest (maybe a $25 Amazon gift card to one lucky person) or offer a 10% off coupon valid for a few days to everyone, in order to celebrate, to thank your customers and followers for helping you achieve it!

Celebrate Holidays

You can make a few posts in advance to have ready for holidays (and the days leading up to Holidays, like the 12 days of Christmas). If possible, try to include Holidays that your followers may celebrate even if you do not. For example, if you celebrate Christmas, don’t forget to also post something nice for Hanukkah. Also, you can celebrate those fun “national holidays” like #NationalDonutDay! THose are always fun! You can find a comprehensive list of National holidays here!


Promote your events or events you are attending! Tell your followers where you will be and how to find you (if you have a booth for example). Also, don’t shy away from live streams (or recording and uploading) the events! Many times if you start a live stream from the event and let your followers see how fun it looks – they will jump in their cars and go!

Run a contest

Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition? Think of a fun contest you can run on Facebook and get your followers involved! You can ask followers for feedback, artwork submissions, fan photos (using your products or showing off your services),  industry trivia, and more.

You can also go really big and make it super fun with contests like in-person Holiday/seasonal cook-off or pie eating contest or online recipe submissions, costume contests, fundraisers (who can raise the most for your charity – offer a prize) etc.

Just make sure to read Facebook’s contest rules – they do not allow for businesses to give “entries” for liking a post, creating a special status update, posting a comment or posting a photo. If you run a contest that asks for something like a fan photo – make sure the contest focuses on the photo (ie: best makeup design using our new makeup palette) – stay away from “each fan photo posted receives one entry”. That is a no-no on Facebook.

Behind The Scenes

Give your followers and fans a look behind the scenes at your business. Keep it informative and/or fun and keep their attention. Shoot a video of something fun you do in the office, show them how a product is made (production/manufacturing line – without spilling secrets, that is), let them meet the staff or wish a staff member a happy birthday!

Say Thanks and Show Praise

Say thanks to an awesome customer or employee and tag them in the post. Let them know how awesome they are and that you value their loyalty to your business. Also, if you have an employee who was recently promoted or maybe has some great news to share – let the world know.

Ask Questions

Don’t always make it about you and your business – ask your followers questions and post it with an eye-catching image (placing your text status updates on Facebook’s colored backgrounds significantly increases engagement). You can even create a daily/weekly Facebook Live post. Make sure your question/topic is posted on the status of your video and build a fun conversation about it! Make it fun – get to know your followers and when they comment with responses, make sure you respond! If they know you are listening and care they will build that trust and loyalty! Check out our list of “57 Fun Questions To Ask Your Followers + Boost Engagement!”

While there are so many more fun ways to engage your audience, these 10 tips are a great way to get you started. Remember, content can be shared across platforms however, you may need to create a few visuals depending on the post. You can use free graphics creation programs like Canva.com to create the best-sized images for each platform.  If you are looking for daily post ideas for Instagram, you can find 31 daily post ideas, here!

Which type of post has been the most popular type of engagement booster for your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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